Whitney Houston's New Documentary Is A Reminder That We Are Not The Mistakes Of Our Past

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Thank God I don't look like what I've been through, because I'm sure it would be hard to look at. Despite the mistakes I've made and the obstacles that I've overcome, I'm grateful that today I have an opportunity to start over and do things differently if I choose to without remorse of the past or regret for having stumbled. Celebrities aren't offered this same grace.

When a star finds themselves in the middle of a messy situation, they're forced to relive their trauma again and again via tabloid and social media. This daunting fact leaves stars to face a tragic end that is as highly publicized as the pain that they suffered. High profile figures will forever be associated with the wrongs of their past, because somewhere along the line, we forgot that a person's mistakes do not define them.

Whitney Houston is arguably one of the greatest entertainers of the 20th Century, and now, the only thing associated with her name is drug use. When you think of the lives of artists like The Beatles, or even Elton John, who were reportedly avid drug users, you don't automatically associate their music with their struggle, but Whitney's case, despite her immense talent and influence, is quite different.

In the past, networks like Showtime have sought to retell her narrative in a way that does her legendary career justice, but July 6, we will get a look at Whitney's life in a way that critics say will reframe everything we think we know about the singer.

Singer Whitney Houston photographed in February 1982 when she was a senior in high school.Jack Mitchell/Getty Images

Anyone who has dealt with or known someone struggling with substance abuse understands that the drug isn't really the source of the addiction. There is usually an underlying source or trigger that causes a person to use drugs as a bandaid, but until deep-seated issues are confronted, the wound never really heals and the addiction can never come to an end. The movie explores the pressure that weighed on the iconic singer, that originally stemmed from her broken childhood, riddled with infidelity and mistrust that was later reflected in her own family life as an adult.

The movie reveals the story behind the legend's rise to fame, and promises to answer many of the questions that we've had since her tragic death in 2012. The movie promises to answer many of the questions that all of us have had since that day. Whitney features commentary from the people that were closest to her during her lifetime, including her sister, who admits to giving the singer drugs at an early age, her brothers, who were stealing from her, and Bobby Brown, who is often blamed for her downfall.

The singer struggled with many of the same issues that burden many other women of color, including insecurity, infidelity, and molestation, except Whitney's battle was on a displayed on a public platform.

Throughout the movie, we will see the disintegration of both the voice and the identity of a woman who brought the world so much magic. It is my hope that the film will humanize the singer and allow people to understand that Whitney was no different from you, me, or our sisters and mothers.

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Whitney Houston was a woman of color who carried the weight of the world to no avail, and then one day it got too heavy. Giving an intimate account of the trials and trauma that Whitney endured should help us keep in mind that her missteps do not take away from the gift of love that she once had to offer this world through her incomparable talent.

Her former publicist agreed, and said:

"I hope after watching this, people are going to have more empathy toward Whitney, and not think she was this foolish girl who squandered her life. I hope they know there was something going on in her, behind everything, that explains it all."

In our hearts, you will forever be our fairy godmother in the sky. Whitney will debut in theatres July 6. If you haven't already, watch the trailer below:

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