Ready To Blush: 3 Ways To Wear Blush On Deep/Dark Skin Tones
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Ready To Blush: 3 Ways To Wear Blush On Deep/Dark Skin Tones

Spring is here! What better way to add depth to your post-hibernation complexion than with blush? Blushes for deeper skin tones can be challenging. If I’m honest, my first attempts at including blush in my routine were a jump scare. Top beauty brands like Danessa Myricks Beauty, One/Size, Ami Colé, and Haus Labs by Lady Gaga have all launched blushes in preparation for spring. This is everything you need to know about applying blush to deep/dark skin tones this season!

The type of blush matters; deciding whether you want a cream or powder formulation makes a difference. Cream blush is generally more pigmented and hydrating, which allows for more control with product placement. Perfect for newbies and dry skin types. Powder blush, on the other hand, is more transparent and buildable.

The first way you can incorporate blush is as an all-over eyelid color or concentrated as a liner. This placement is whimsical and fun while keeping your features soft.

Wearing blush as an eyelid color or an eyeliner...

Jorine Dorcelus/xoNecole

For deeper skin tones, complementary blush shades are king! Deep mauve and berry tones are my go-to shades. However, I've found that peaches and pinks are great additions for transition shades on the high points of the cheeks.

Wearing blush as a replacement for bronzer...

Jorine Dorcelus/xoNecole

The second way you can incorporate blush is as a replacement for your bronzer or on top of your bronzer. For this placement, focus on sweeping the blush upward towards the temple.

Wearing blush in various placements on the face...

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The last tip is to have fun and experiment with placement on your face shape. Try adding blush to the center of the lips to tie in a full look or add depth to a simple gloss.

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