Usher performing at Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show
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Why Usher Will Always Be Our “Boo”

There are so many words to describe Usher Raymond: musician, superstar, legend. But to many of his female fans, he’s our #MCE. Take me, for instance. I’m 32 and grew up listening to his music, watching his music videos and interviews, and, of course, I had posters of him on my wall. He was my first celebrity crush, and why wouldn’t he be? He had and still has the full package: handsome features and an amazing voice that will make you melt. I remember seeing him in concert for the first time.

It was his Truth tour, you know, the tour that he went on after dropping the mind-blowing, highly successful Confessions album. It was my second concert ever, following the Scream Tour, and I was LIVING! (Shoutout to my middle school friend for the hookup.)

It wasn’t until I was an adult that I got to watch him in concert again. Yes, I’m talking about his Las Vegas residency. It’s one of the most talked about residencies for a reason. From the selection of songs to the flash and pizzazz that Vegas is known for, combined with Usher’s unique flair, it was truly a night to remember. I swooned the whole time and sang my little heart out with each song. It took me back to being that little girl who was crushing on who they call U-S-H-E-R, and now, as a grown woman, I can honestly say not much has changed.

Usher was hot! 🔥🔥🔥

Going from a teenage heartthrob to a 45-year-old father of four with nine no. 1 songs on the Billboard charts and too many awards to count, including eight Grammys, he has conquered another feat, performing at the Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show of the city that helped sparked his resurgence. The show, just like his Vegas residency was a reminder that, when he touches the mic, the “Burn” singer is nothing to play with and he’s only getting better with time.

If it’s not his talent that will hook you, it’s undoubtedly his charm that will reel you in. There’s not many celebrities who started young in the entertainment industry and kept a high standard of professionalism and humility, proving why Usher is the epitome of a class act on and off the stage. His swag, his talent, his good looks–I can go on and on, and no matter what, he will always be our boo.

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