Ayesha Curry Says It's ‘Been A Journey’ In Becoming Confident Within Herself
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Ayesha Curry Says It's ‘Been A Journey’ In Becoming Confident Within Herself

Self-confidence is something that many people struggle with in their life, whether it’s due to societal pressures to meet a certain beauty standard or lifestyle or the constant comparison to others.

Despite the causes surrounding the issues with self-confidence, numerous ways exist to improve it. According to Medical News Today, several steps include having compassion for oneself, incorporating some form of self-care into a daily routine, and zeroing in on the positive aspects of one's life.

One person that could relate to a couple of these points is Ayesha Curry. From the outside looking in, Curry has it all, from a successful career as a best-selling author and restaurant owner, and a doting family. The 34-year-old is married to Golden Warriors point guard Steph Curry, and the couple shares three children.

In a recent interview with People magazine, Curry opened up about the road to accepting herself while promoting her new partnership with Square.

The star revealed to the publication that although she may appear to have it all together, her self-confidence had wavered "from time to time" like most people.

Curry said she combatted those feelings by accepting who she was as a person and "letting go" of the expectations others had set for her.

"I think confidence is something we all struggle with from time to time. It's definitely been a journey for me," she said. "A big part of that journey was letting go of other people's expectations and embracing my own uniqueness."

While the mother of three didn't disclose the exact reason behind the lack of self-confidence she experienced, many can assume it could be due to the pressures of maintaining the perfect image of a woman of faith, a mother, having a famous husband, and the attention he gets from the opposite sex, which she once mentioned in the past.

Regardless of the matter, it is excellent to see Curry walking in her truth and inspiring others to do the same.

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