Tracee Ellis Ross Breaks Down What It Really Means To Be Happily Single
Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross Breaks Down What It Really Means To Be Happily Single

So boom. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage, right?

Although this is the fairytale we've been fed by society since childhood, adulthood pulled up and proved that this seemingly simple equation for life isn't always the answer to happiness and for women dating in the digital age, this statement is big facts. While our biological clocks can sometimes feel like ticking time bombs, Tracee Ellis Ross wants you to know that secret to true peace is finding the silver lining in your single season.

Over the years, Tracee has become known for her give-no-f*cks attitude when it comes to society's expectations and in a recent chat with Porterabout being 47, unmarried, and childless, our good sis kept that same energy. The High Note actress told the publication that although marriage may be one path to happiness, she's perfectly happy taking the road less traveled:

"I wish I had known there were other choices, not just about how I could be living, but how I could feel about the way my life was. I was raised by society to dream of my wedding, but I wish I had been dreaming of my life. There are so many ways to curate happiness, find love and create a family, and we don't talk about them. It creates so much shame and judgement."

With an unconventional lifestyle comes unsolicited commentary, something that Tracee says she has received a lot of over the years. In the interview, Tracee even recalled an uncomfortable interaction with a colleague that proved that grown men should stay out of women's business.

"I had some big celebrity guy go, [shakes head and taps watch on wrist] 'You better get on it.' And that was when I was in my thirties!"

Despite these cringeworthy moments, the Black-ish star stands firm in her belief that being alone isn't the equivalent of being lonely and broke down what it really means to be happily single, a term that Tracee says is often misunderstood, for the people in the back:

"People misinterpret being happily single as not wanting to be in a relationship. Of course I want to be in a relationship, but what am I going to do? Spend all the time that I'm not [in one] moping around? No. I'm going to live my life to the fullest and I'm going to be happy right here, where I am."

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