Why Toni Braxton Regrets Not Having More Sex When She Was Younger
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Why Toni Braxton Regrets Not Having More Sex When She Was Younger

If this year has taught us anything, it's that life is short and any time spent unhappy is time wasted.

Tomorrow isn't promised and the only thing certain is change, but Toni Braxton has a message that reminds us to get it in while the getting's good. In an essay for The Guardian, the singer revealed that as she approaches her 53rd birthday, she has regrets about not living her best life in her younger years. She wrote:

"I regret not having more sex when I was younger. I should have drank more. I should have partied more. Smoked more, even. I think my religious upbringing stopped me doing a lot of things that I should have done. It's not a good look at the age I am now. The way it works is you do that stuff in your 20s and 30s and then in your 40s you've earned enough to pay for the therapy."

Toni, who has since declared herself more spiritual than religious, explained that while she later found her own road to spirituality, her family's religious beliefs governed many of her decisions.

"I wouldn't say I was religious, but I am spiritual. I believe in a greater force. When I was seven, my family became very religious. We were Jehovah's Witnesses; we were Catholic – we tried everything before settling on United Methodist. I asked my mum once what they were searching for and she just replied: 'It was the 70s.' The 70s were a very religious era. I think a lot of people were looking for the right path."

While the R&B queen may be turning one year older in October, we sure as hell can't tell she's aging at all. In an episode of Vogue's Beauty Secrets, Toni revealed the keys to looking 35 at 53 are water and her Trojan Vibrations Power Wand Deep Massager:

"This thing right here, OK, I'm going to be honest, it is a vibrator. But I call it a face tingler. It tingles the muscles in my face and gets them activated and working. I haven't used it on anything else other than my face, OK? Just FYI! I just kind of rub it and it just activates all those muscles, gets 'em together. We are working today, we are gonna be cute today!"

In her essay for The Guardian, the proud Libra explained that although she has some remorse about her former years, she's fully focused on becoming the best version of herself in the future. Toni, a woman that considers herself a true "work in progress" shared that the key to finding balance is fully embracing your flaws.

"I'm a classic Libra. I'm always trying to find balance. I do have misplaced anger, though. I need to learn to deal with frustration as and when it happens, not to let it all build up. But it's good to know your flaws. I don't trust people who don't think there's anything about themselves to work on. We're all works in progress."

To read Toni's full interview, click here.

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