‘Love Is Blind’ Star Raven Ross Lists Three Tips That Helped Her Heal After Her Breakup With SK
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‘Love Is Blind’ Star Raven Ross Lists Three Tips That Helped Her Heal After Her Breakup With SK

Love is Blind star Raven Ross has been inspiring her supporters recently by showcasing life's rewards and highlighting the significance of self-discovery and growth after a breakup.

For context, Ross was engaged to Sikiru "SK" Alagbada after meeting him on the third season of the hit Netflix dating show. Shortly following their engagement, the pair would go their separate ways due to cultural differences and long-distance concerns. However, the split didn't last long. Ross and Alagbada would give their relationship another try and get engaged again during the filming of Love Is Blind: After the Altar special.

Sadly, things didn't work out for the couple because they would break up for a final time last November because of cheating allegations on Alagbada's part. Alagbada was accused of dating an influencer while in a relationship with Ross. At the time, Alagbada initially denied the rumors, but he ultimately took accountability for his actions.

Since then, Ross has been living her best life. The 30-year-old has been traveling to different parts of the world, growing her Pilates empire, and has found a new beau. Although details regarding Ross' new union are limited, fans got a view of the mystery man in March after the star made their relationship Instagram official.

In light of her newfound happiness, Ross would open up about how she was able to heal from her past relationship and offered advice to those experiencing similar issues.

Raven On How She Found Healing Following A Public Breakup

On April 20, Ross posted a carousel of photos of herself with her boo on a baecation in Los Cabos, Mexico. In the caption, she revealed that she constantly receives messages from other women who relate to her story, and she decided to share how she was able to find healing.

"Everyday I get messages from other women about how they relate to my story and how they're cheering on my new happiness. THANKS YALL. We ALL go through obstacles in life and especially in dating, so here's some of the ways I've found healing," she wrote.

"1. Spend quality time alone! No distractions, and get comfortable. 2. Find someone you can talk to. Therapy has been life-changing for me but talking to a friend is free, too! 3. Create a strong vision for your future. Become very clear on what you want and make decisions according to that!"

It seems that Ross' is a testament to how healing the right way could be beneficial because she continues to shine her light on social media regularly.

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