Ludacris Shares How He Pours Into His Four Daughters
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Ludacris Shares How He Pours Into His Four Daughters

Being a girl dad may not be easy but Ludacris is using the opportunity for good. The “Welcome to Atlanta” rapper has four daughters, Karma, 20, and Cai, 8, from previous relationships and Chance, 11 months and Cadence, 7, whom he shares with his wife Euxodie Bridges. In an interview with Kindred by Parents, Luda opened up about his parenting style and his kid-friendly Netflix show Karma’s World.

When raising his daughters, Ludacris, whose real name is Chris Bridges, is trying to teach them all that he can. “[I'm] just trying to pour knowledge and pour so much understanding and wisdom into them," he said.

He also joked that as a girl dad he is a bit of a “pushover” but at the end of the day he’s “just trying to make them the best versions of myself.”

But his style of parenting isn’t necessarily new. During the interview, he revealed that he parents his daughters the way that he was parented but with a few upgrades. “I’ll take what I’ve learned throughout my lifestyle, implement and add and progress what my parents have taught me,” he said. “So that every single time around a generation, hopefully, they continue to keep that evolution going.”

The rapper’s parenting can also be reflected in the animated series Karma’s World. The Netflix series is currently in its third season and it was created by the rapper and inspired by his eldest daughter Karma. He also dished on the show’s influence on little Black girls.

"Creating Karma's World and seeing the impact that it's having on young Black girls, and just children in general—even parents that say they wish they had this when they were kids, that is part of the legacy of trying to balance out this world of negativity, where we wake up every day and something else is going on. I'm being a part of the change," he said.

"I'm just trying to tip the scale to the positive and loving side."

The show led to the book Daddy and Me and it was just recently announced that the character Karma now has its own doll.

As far as the life-long lessons the Georgia State University honorary graduate instills in his daughters, he said that he wants them to understand their “intelligence and their beauty and their purpose in the world. They come from a strong lineage of women and heritage.”

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