Bronzing For Brown Babes: Tips On Wearing Bronzer for WOC
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Bronzing For Brown Babes: Tips On Wearing Bronzer for WOC

Long after the summer months are gone, I long for the natural sun kissed look the summer sun rays gives my face and body. For these few months of the year I am a radiant bronzed goddess and I love every moment if it. During the months where my skin doesn’t get much sun I am able to fake it with a bronzer.

Typically, when women think of bronzers (not to be confused with highlighters) they usually picture a fairer skin woman that is looking to add more "warmth" or color to her skin. Contrary to belief, bronzer can also add warmth to the skin of women of color, giving the skin a glow from within. Bronzers compared to highlighters are usually deeper in tone (more closely matched to skin tone) and have a natural shimmer that doesn't illuminate as heavily as highlighters do.

Here’s how you to can get your natural glow on

  1. If you plan on wearing any foundation or base, apply this to clean skin. Always start on a fresh canvas. You may also want to do any eye makeup beforehand.
  1. Grab an appropriate bronzer shade and form of your choice, something close to the tone of your skin or blends in effortlessly with it and a fluff brush if you are using a powder bronzer (best for normal to oily skin types). A bigger fluffy brush will help to disperse it more evenly to give the radiance that you’re looking for. If you are using a gel or cream bronzer (best for dry skin), use a synthetic stippling brush.

For my bronzer I’m using “Aglow” from Clinique with a flat kabuki brush from ELF cosmetics.

  1. Apply bronzer in areas of the face where sun light hits naturally such as the forehead, cheekbones and the bridge of the nose; this is similar to how you apply highlighter but the achieved look with a bronzer will be much subtler and natural looking. You can also apply bronzer to parts of the body where the sun would hit such as the shoulders and chest.

  1. Finish off with a face mist. This will help to lock everything in place and also boost the glow from within. My spray of choice is Mac Prep & Prime
  1. Strut your stuff. You are now a radiant bronze goddess ready to go for the glow.

Something so simple as adding a little youth and radiance to the skin is a great way to quickly add some life to the face.

Try out these bronzing tips and share your looks with us #xoBeauty




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