The Best Fall Items To Grab During Your Next Trader Joe's Haul
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The Best Fall Items To Grab During Your Next Trader Joe's Haul

Fall has a way of coming in subtly, but it always leaves a mark worth noticing. From the shorter days that willfully put us back indoors to the crisp air that signals the start of #cozygirlseason, this fleeting season is one that urges us to make the most out of it before it’s gone again.

Sure, we know the signs of autumn by its nostalgic feeling, but we also can recognize it by the way our food takes a turn for the pumpkin, maple, and spiced flavors we know and love.

At this point, Pumpkin Spice Latte Season (or PSL SZN) and autumn go hand in hand. Marked by the uptick in pumpkin-flavored coffees, desserts, bread, and soup options that hit the shelves at our local grocery stores and coffee shops, there’s a certain joy and comfort that come with their arrival.

While many food trends have a way of fizzling out of public admiration over time, after 20 years, PSL SZN has made a permanent impact on fall culture as a whole. From Mid-August to early November, the best accessory to accompany our knit sweaters and Uggs is a food and beverage that matches the crushed leaves and pumpkin-themed holidays that are to follow — and let’s not forget, that it comes with a few friends.

From sweet potato puddings to spiced apple ciders, fall lovers everywhere are spoiled for choice when it comes to fun — and sometimes silly — food options to choose from. And one place that we can always rely on to satisfy our cravings for this seasonal phenomenon is Trader Joe’s, and of course, we’ve got the best fall Trader Joe's items for you to shop!

Best Fall Trader Joe's Items 2023

Pumpkin Brioche Twist

Trader Joe's


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