Abby De La Rosa Opens Up About Nontraditional Relationship With Nick Cannon
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Abby De La Rosa Opens Up About Nontraditional Relationship With Nick Cannon

Before Nick Cannon announced that he now has a ninth addition to his family after welcoming a child with photographer LaNisha Cole, Abby De La Rosa opened up about her relationship dynamic with the comedian. The international DJ stopped by the Lovers and Friends podcast with Shan Boodram and spoke about their non-traditional family. Abby shares one-year-old twins Zion and Zillion with the actor and is currently pregnant with their third child together.

Nick also has a baby on the way with Brittany Bell, who he shares two kids with. In total, the Wild’n’ Out creator has nine children with six different women. Of the nine, one of his children, a son with model Alyssa Scott, unfortunately, passed away from a brain tumor at just five months old.

Nick, especially his kids’ mothers, have faced public scrutiny for their lifestyle choices, which Abby spoke to in the interview.

“Naturally, yes I could understand everyone’s distaste and disagreeance in the way that I have chosen to live my life,” she said. ”And I find it funny too when everyone’s always coming in and being like he’s playing you. Technically speaking we all know about each other.

“It’s just how much are you choosing to know and I find empowerment in my truth and in my reality and the way I have formulated my life to be.”

Prior to meeting Nick, Abby said that she was in a five-year monogamous relationship but was miserable. However, when she met Nick, he had a freeing spirit which made her feel free within herself. She was aware of his polyamorous lifestyle and also wasn’t looking for a commitment but decided to continue exploring their connection. These days Abby considers Nick to be her primary partner and is monogamous during her pregnancy with her third and his 10th child.

When she found out she was pregnant the first time, Nick currently had four other children but she saw her pregnancy as a blessing since she was told that she couldn’t have kids after having sepsis. Her first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage but Nick wanted to try again and they found out they were having twins.

While she was aware of what she was getting herself into, she wasn’t ready for the backlash it would cause. Abby said she “shut down” and “didn’t know how to maneuver through it.” She admitted that Nick’s “positive” attitude in response to the criticism didn’t help her get through it and so she relied on her family, especially her sister for support.

Abby comes from a two-parent household and said that her parents are still married and at the end of the day her family just wants her to be happy. As far as what people think about her nontraditional way of living, she had this to say.

“I know people are like, how do you find trust in an open relationship?” she asked. “It’s real easy, it’s real easy. You just have to understand to get out of the same old mundane thinking of monogamy and that I have to own a person and be with a person 24/7 and this and find beauty within yourself and the connection that you build with somebody. And I trust the connection that I have with Nick.”

While she’s happy with her lifestyle right now, she believes she will end up in a monogamous relationship in the future.

“I think I see monogamy down the line and this won’t get me there,” she said. “But I love where I’m at at this very moment but it’s not my forever.”

She concluded the interview by addressing those attacking her parenting.

“Me being open in my relationship does not change or take away from the type of mother that I am to my kids and the wholeness that I am to them and the strength that I share with them,” she said.

She added, “And I would just want people to stay the f–k away from my motherhood.”

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