5 Things To Consider Before Going Into Business With Bae

Business, meet pleasure. Is bae bad for business?

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That special time of the year is coming when us girls feel sheer bliss and butterflies in our stomach. Yep, you guessed it! It's income tax season!

There's a lot a girl can do with her income tax return, like taking a trip to Dr. Miami or splurging on a new wardrobe, however, the smartest move is to make the money work for you by starting a business.

But what if your significant other wants to go half on a business?

I found myself in this predicament about five years ago when I met this guy. When I tell you we had big plans to be this super sexy and woke power couple, even I have to retrospectively laugh at myself! We talked about doing a lot of good Samaritan deeds for the community, but running an operation like Russell and Kimora Simmons in the 90s was of more interest to him.

His bright idea for creating generational wealth and rejuvenating our local economy was to buy a gang of basketball jerseys in bulk and sell them... Cue up the cricket sounds. Never mind the fact that we live in south Louisiana and everyone is a Saints fan. Forget the marketing plan or a competitive analysis— just cop the basketball jerseys and sell them out the trunk of his Buick.

I think Cole Brown had a better idea for Rent-Em-Spoons on an episode of Martin. Dude's not so bright idea raised some concerns for me about his lack of insight and ability to make sound decisions (So much to the point that I was ecstatic that I didn't have sex with him). The more I studied him, I concluded that I was introduced to his representative, not the real him, and any kind of relationship with him would be the death of me, especially a business relationship!

If you are considering mixing business with pleasure in your relationship, here are 5 signs that bae is probably bad for business:

He has no sense of urgency.

Normally, I had to remind him to do grown people tasks that should be on the top of his to-do list. Two heads are better than one and, if you constantly have to do all the major decision-making and micromanage someone, becoming business partners is pointless.

He doesn't take responsibility for simple mistakes.

One day, I was sitting in the kitchen working on my laptop. Dude opened the freezer and exclaimed, "Oh shit," and closed it as if he had seen a zombie. When I looked in the freezer to see what the hoopla was about, I found a frozen can of Coke had exploded. Rather than cleaning up his mess (I don't drink soda, so it was positively his), he simply closed the freezer door and left the kitchen. Just left the damn kitchen! Of course, I had to stop what I was doing and clean it. When customers have issues, they want the problem solved, not ignored. His disdain was automatic denial for us to make money moves.

He isn't proactive about opportunities.

When you decide to become an entrepreneur, hustle must be as organic as breathing. Customers are not always going to fall in your lap. The more I paid attention, I came to the realization that his potential had never been utilized. He was too lackadaisical about pursuing personal goals, so business with him would never be booming because he is accustomed to waiting for things to pop off. Nope. Faith without work is dead.

He is unorganized af.

He could never find his driver's license. He couldn't remember when his speeding tickets needed to be paid. Dude was a devastated trainwreck, and that's not good for a mogul in the making. Not having your crap together discourages potential customers from patronizing you. When Kiki says the salon will be open at 8 AM and she consistently shows up at noon, clients start a campaign to boycott her like Monique did Netflix. His discombobulation was just one more nail in the coffin for me.

His money management game is trash.

Dude never had any money saved. All his tithes and offerings went to the weed man, which raised a very valid question. Who the eff was going to foot the upfront cost associated with starting a business? Filing paperwork, purchasing a website, hiring a web designer, and all other aspects of branding cost a pretty coin—and it wasn't happening with my tax refund money!

How would you tell your mate that you don't want to start a business with him?

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