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Miracle Watts' Public Postpartum Woes Is Why Choosing The Right Partner Is Key For Your Mental Health

When it comes to the love story of Tyler Lepley and Miracle Watts, it all started on the set of P-Valley when two costars decided to take a chance on questionable love. Each was in their own relationship (or situationship) at the time, with her being a former IG model-turned-influencer and actress, and he, an actor on two hit TV shows, one being P-Valley, which they each were filming at the time that they met. The pair began dating quietly, and ultimately decided to make their relationship Instagram official in October 2021 when Watts posted a photo of them captioned "6.14.21 🖤"

Since, the two have taken the internet by its Black love reigns, walking the red carpet together for Amazon Prime's New York premiere of Harlem, in which Lepley stars alongside our faves Meagan Good, Grace Byers, Shoniqua Shandai, and Jerrie Johnson. They also welcomed a son in October 2022, Xi Lei Lepley, who he added to his brood of kids with his ex-fiancée, Leo and Jade. Through it all, the couple has pulled at the heartstrings of the culture as they openly show off their admiration for each other.

In fact, that admiration is the perfect example of why it is essential for us to seek a best friend in a partner.

Case in point, Miracle may be in a committed relationship with Lepley, one of the finest men walking this earth, a heartthrob of our generation, and she may be one of the finest women walking this earth desired by some of the most high-profile men in the industry (Drake has shouted her out in songs) -- but even she also has her off-days where she feels a little self-conscious as she adjusts to the postpartum changes of her body.

After noticing that Watts wasn't feeling her best, in a video posted to Instagram, Lepley deems the day "Wifey Appreciation Day," and he speaks life into her as his crying bae visibly struggles with such a common issue amongst women after giving birth.

"Fat where? Hold the fuck up, okay, first of all, today is 'wifey appreciation day,'" he says to a crying Watts. "We're talking about the most beautiful girl in the world," he continues.

His camera was on her as he was showing her off to the world. Tyler literally put our girl on a pedestal and appreciated her as she stood on it. And that's what we love to see, we wish that kind of affirmation from bae for every woman.

Even better, this hasn't been the first time that Lepley has poured into her through his teammate's lens.

He washed and greased her scalp and hair like a pro:

He even dusted the ends, y'all!

He has given her the space to enjoy her first born:

"Thanks everyone, I was so skeptical about Sharing. The positive comments made me feel warm and happy. Thank you all 🖤," she commented.

He regularly pampers her, ensuring she is living her best soft life:

And he makes sure that they enjoy it together too.

He welcomes the shenanigans of her being herself:

Lepley may appear mild-mannered, but he is with the smoke when it comes to his boo. Watts acknowledged just how much in a birthday shout-out on IG, which featured a thread of photos and videos of the couples having a good time enjoying each other (including photos of matching his and her name tattoos).

She frequently returns the love with a heartfelt caption:

"Happy Birthday To The LOML ❤️ I've waited so long for a love like this, I thank God every day for not letting me give up. Thank you for loving me unconditionally, allowing me to be me, & loving me through all of our battles (cause chile we are far from perfect). Thank you for showing me chivalry and courting isn’t dead. Real Love Still Exists, I Love You!!!!"

And most of all, he tells everyone who will listen where he stands:


Tyler “I needs dat expeditiously” Lepley on how it feels to be loved by a Black woman 🥹 #harlem #harlemonprime #tylerlepley #blacklove

When asked how it feels to be loved by a Black woman, he responded in the best way, ending with "Shout out to my baby, Miracle, I love you baby."


Miracle and Tyler are currently busy raising their family and learning and working through the new dynamics of their relationship, which we all know can be difficult with a newborn. But seeing a Black woman being loved openly, passionately, and thoroughly, will always be the content we love to see.

Miracle, you look great, girl! Get it mama!

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