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Storm Reid Took The Power Of Her Hair In Her Own Hands

Black hair matters.

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Storm Reid is no stranger to rocking a braided hairstyle. Just one look at her Instagram and you’ll see that braids are her go-to no matter the season. Wearing a low-maintenance hairstyle has its advantages, but as an actress who has to constantly change up her hair, there are many times when she feels like her hair isn’t getting the care that it deserves.

The Euphoria star chatted with People and revealed how the lack of diversity on sets affects how properly her hair is cared for.

"It has been a struggle for me specifically on sets when it comes to the hair disparity and people not just knowing how to deal with Black hair," Storm said.

"And, in a way, it feels dehumanizing…when it's the time for your hair to look nice and there's nobody on set to be able to help you achieve that." Storm is not alone in this feeling as many other Black women in Hollywood have been vocal about being on sets where no one can properly take care of their hair.

The 18-year-old actress, who recently chopped off her hair and dyed it blond, recalled the first time she had proper hair care on set. At that time she was starring in Ava DuVernay’s A Wrinkle in Time, where the legendary Kim Kimble was the head hairstylist.

"I think that changed my life. It changed the way I saw that we can have these Black department heads really be there and take care of you."

"From that point on, unless I have braids and I know how to take care of them myself, I've requested on every set to have someone — whether they're the department head or not — who understands my hair, that cares about Black hair care, that is actually listening to me," she said.

That’s what we call taking the power into your own hands.

Below are the many times Storm slayed in braids.

The Braided Crown

The Euphoria actress rocked a beautiful braided crown look on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Hit Different

The Maybelline beauty queen posted a selfie with a glow that rivaled the sun.

Dippin’ and Doin’ It

Storm took a break from her press day at home to drop it low one time.

Yacht Life

Braids, a bikini, and a yacht. What’s more perfect than that?

You Should Be Here

Storm made the vacation vibes last a little longer with this look.

Cloaked in Abundance

Storm gave us a behind the scenes moment on her shoot with Maybelline radiating light and joy and granting us with more braid inspo.


The former child star attended the premiere of The Suicide Squad where she rocked a 16ft long braid. Talk about inches!

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