role of self-love in entrepreneurship
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Self-Love & Entrepreneurship: How To Put Yourself First

With so many interruptions we encounter on a daily, it is sometimes hard to keep up with our self-care. And if you’re building a business on top of the day-to-day things that are already on your plate, self-care can quickly become non-existent. What we might not think about is that self-care is also a form of self-love, and we shouldn’t neglect ourselves from the love we deserve, right? Elena Brown is a certified health coach and herbalist who focuses on self-love for others, especially busy entrepreneurs.

She began her holistic journey after her daughter began dealing with a skin rash as a preteen. When she took her daughter to see a dermatologist, they recommended that she be put on 30 days worth of antibiotics, which Elena felt was too much. So, she saw a holistic doctor shortly after, and with a change of diet and supplements, her daughter’s skin started improving.

Now, as a health coach, she is teaching others the importance of taking care of the “whole” body. “I always tell people holistic living is whole, the whole person, right? So mind, body, and spirit. They all work together in tandem,” she tells xoNecole. “And of course, you'll pay attention to one maybe more than the other at any given point in your life or any point in your week or day, but we need to be paying attention to all of those. So, making sure all of those are in sync as much as we possibly can because one does affect the other, right?”

Elena Brown

Elena Brown


This also applies to our careers. Connecting our mind, body, and spirit can not only make us feel better, but it can also increase our productivity. However, Elena warns entrepreneurs from tying their self-worth to what they can produce. Instead, she suggests giving yourself the same love and care you would give someone else and having balance. Below is a list of three ways Elena recommends to do to pour into yourself.

Don't pick up your phone first thing in the morning

role of self-love in entrepreneurship

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One of the things that many of us are guilty of doing is looking at our phones as soon as we wake up. However, Elena shares how giving yourself a moment before looking at your phone is an act of self-love and self-care. “So in the morning, when you first wake up, don't grab your phone. Take a moment. Just solitude,” Elena says.

“Maybe you sit there, you lay in your bed for a few minutes, and you reflect. Maybe you show gratitude for the new day. You take a moment to meditate or get into like a peaceful state of mind. You think about your intentions for the day.”

Do something good for your body every day

role of self-love in entrepreneurship

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Secondly, Elena recommends being intentional about taking care of your body. “Make sure you are nourishing your body on a daily basis. Do something for your body every single day that your body will thank you for, so that could be eating some fruit or vegetables in the morning,” she explains.

“That could be taking a long walk or doing some kind of exercise of movement that you enjoy and love. All of that is nurturing yourself. All of that is feeding into your self-love.”


role of self-love in entrepreneurship

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Lastly, she says journaling is a good way to love on yourself. “I would say taking some time to jot down or journal what it is that makes you feel full. So I think identifying what those things are helps you to do the things," she says.

"So, if you don't know what you like, what you don't like, what makes you feel good, what makes you feel rested, what makes you feel in alignment, then it's going to be harder for you to achieve those things. So, just writing down what those things are for you personally, and then you can create a plan to incorporate those things into your life.”

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