Your Monthly Horoscopes: October 2018

Your Monthly Horoscopes: October 2018

With the Fall Equinox settling in right before October arrives, and the change of seasons of the Earth, the fast moving energies of the summer will be slowing down.

Collectively, we will all be feeling the need to detach from things that don't feel right to us anymore, reflect on where our lives seem to be heading, and become more insular and cognizant of how we are transforming emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

The planetary activity is not as active in the sky as it has been, so for many of us, a feeling of calm, pause, balance, and retreat may be on our spirits.

Scorpio will be the month's MVP! Venus enters a retrograde in Scorpio on the 6th. A new moon illuminates the earth in Libra on the 9th, and Mercury is ready to set things off in Scorpio on the 10th.

There will be 10 days of quick interactions between multiple planets between October 11th through the 22nd, and the planetary movements become more energized with the Sun entering Scorpio on October 23rd. Lastly, a full moon will be arriving in Taurus on October 24th.

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In the beginning of this month for Aquarius, Venus retrograding into Scorpio will bring in some lusty and sexually pumped vibes. Depending on your current situation, or your preferences in sex and dating, you may either have to pump the brakes on something moving too fast or nip any No-No's in the bud. There is also likely a big change brewing that could either blindsight you or something you saw coming.

Either way, it's important to engage your true feelings about whatever comes up.

There will be a duo of back-to-back energies of the New Moon in Libra and Mercury entering Scorpio that will affect Aquarians starting on the 9th and 10th. There could be something that you are confused about or have to make a decision on how to go forward. The New Moon in Libra will push you to do the right thing but internally, you may be juggling conflicting emotions and thoughts about exactly what the right thing is.

Mercury entering Scorpio may have you wanting to take care of things on your own but you might find that you have to seek help or be more humble in the situation.

Near the middle of the month, there is a 10-day wave of energy that may send you off into your own world. Anything that has felt constricting may receive the cold shoulder, or even a middle finger from an Aquarius! You may feel like you are doing what you want to do for once!

And finally, another back-to-back duo of energies caused by the Sun entering Scorpio and a Full Moon in Taurus could present a major opportunity for your advancement in career, or finances, however, it will require a lot of work and dedication before you can obtain the rewards. The Full Moon in Taurus will reveal anything that you would have to sacrifice in order to continue down your current path. Are you ready for the long haul?

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