For The D Challenge: A Sexual Liberating Moment For Women, Uncomfortable for Men

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I've always known the D to be powerful.

I've thought about letting her be 9 to 5 and me being the weekend for that D.

I've said I love you way too soon for that D.

I've blown up phones for that D.

I've had my heart and mind leave the room while I make it work with a man that's completely wrong for me, for that D.

I'd cook 3 three-course meals a day for the D, shout his name to the heavens for the D. Call him daddy for the d – hell, even have his child for the D.

Dopamine is one of hell of a drug.

Perhaps, that's why I found comic relief in the “For the D" challenge that has become a viral sensation. It is a comedic spin on a real life phenomena that a lot of women have encountered in their sexual endeavors, whether good or bad. The movement, created by rapper GameOva Reedy, picked up steam this week when Issa Rae and Regina Hall posted a video rapping about "The D" and other celebrities started partaking in the challenge with their own renditions. Most notably, Erykah Badu, Sanaa Lathan, and KeKe Palmer bodied the challenge.

Despite the vulgarness of the challenge, it was such a beautiful thing to see women coming together, being expressive while being creative and owning their sexual identities and desires. On the surface, it was a viral trend centered around what women would do for sex and a piece of the male anatomy. However, I saw it as a radical act of defiance. Women doing whatever TF they want and I was more than here for the celebration of womanhood and sisterhood that it paved the way for.

As with any party, some get-togethers are going to have their naysayers and people took to social media to express their disgust with the challenge and seeing famous, professional black women like Sanaa Lathan and others take part:

As you can imagine, the world was not ready for professional, “Clean cut" women and top celebrities talking openly about what they'd do for the d. The challenge seems to be making some people – particularly men – uncomfortable with the bravado and the sex positive attitudes women are exuding as they praise good sex.

Interestingly enough, while women get the side eye for talking openly about their love for a man's "big ego," no one questions the bevy of vulgar songs that have topped the charts over the past few decades focus on women's body parts. It's the norm and you don't question the norm. 2 Live Crew's “Pop That P*ssy" and “We Want Some P*ssy," Three 6 Mafia's “P*ssy Got Ya Hooked," ODB's “P*ssy Keep Calling," T.I.'s “My P*ssy," and Miguel's “P*ssy is Mine" are all examples of the many, many times men have coveted the P in today's and yesterday's popular music.

This challenge, no matter how elementary or perverse it seems to some, is a lot of women's way of leveling the playing field when it comes to advocating for their sex lives. Women like to get dirty in the bedroom just as much as men, if not more, especially when a man knows what to do with it (ladies, y'all know what I'm talking about). The penis and the clitoris are anatomical twins – why not praise our sex organs equally for the pleasure they initiate, especially when they come together?

Long story short, guys, you've had your moment, let women have their fun and express themselves for a week. Ultimately, it is in your favor.

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