City Girls Golf Empowers Women Of Color On And Off The Golf Course
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City Girls Golf Empowers Women Of Color On And Off The Golf Course

What started off as a hobby for Sierra, the founder of City Girls Golf, has transformed into a movement for women in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) area. “I came up with the idea of City Girls Golf a year ago. I was learning how to play golf, taking lessons, and going to tournaments in different states to learn the game.” Sierra continued, “I noticed that I didn’t see a lot of women involved, and it made my journey in golf a lot harder because I didn’t have a community of women like me to be social with or practice golf with,” shared Sierra.

Taking matters into her own hands, she founded City Girls Golf with the purpose of creating opportunities for women of color to not only learn how to play golf but to also get involved in the golfing industry as a whole.

“The first event we ever had was with a group of my friends. We did a golf clinic, and I created a TikTok about it, which gained over 60K views,” she said. “We had so many ladies sharing interest in attending the next event, and now we’re hosting events every week.”

Today, the organization has an engaged following on Instagram of 39K followers, which is a testament to the necessity for communities like this. What makes this organization so special and crucial today is the access to resources and the supportive community for Black women to explore their talents in the sport of golf.

Typically, when people think of golf, there’s two things that may come to mind: 1) Tiger Woods and 2) How expensive the sport is, which is why golf is recognized as “a rich man’s sport.” According to Forbes.com, “77% of golfers are men, and golf courses that allow women often restrict the days and times when women can play, or have separate holes for women.” From the attire to the equipment, someone who’s looking to get involved in golf may have to consider spending “$10,000, if not upwards of $15,000, or $20,000 per year if you decide to pay for everything”, according to Stitch Golf.

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As the #1 community for female beginner golfers, City Girls Golf is breaking barriers in golf one swing at a time by making the sport affordable. Most of their events cost about $65 per person for a one-hour and 30-minute session, and equipment is provided. Just come cute in your pink and white and ready to play!

“We’re based in the DMV area. However, I see the participation of women of color in golf all over the nation. I love that City Girls Golf is playing a key role in showing representation, inspiring women all over to get involved and to not be scared just because you’re a beginner. We’re all about making it fun!” In a candid conversation, Sierra chatted with xoNecoleto discuss the journey of growing City Girls Golf, the impact it’s had on Black women, and how there is power in seeing pink on the golf course.

xoNecole: How did you decide the name City Girls Golf?

Sierra: While growing up in New York City, I didn’t see golf courses in my neighborhood until I moved to the suburbs. The golf scene is huge in the suburbs. In the city, you don’t really see many golf courses or opportunities to learn about the sport. The name “City Girls Golf” came about to empower women who lived in the inner cities to play. That’s why we strategically named the organization City Girls Golf, so women who live in the city can be exposed to the sport and can get involved.

xoN: What is the purpose and power behind having more women in golf today?

S: It’s great for networking, representation, and breaking barriers. We’ve participated in numerous tournaments, and people still come up to us, sharing how shocked they are to see so many young women of color playing golf. The representation is still not present in the golf industry, which is why I prioritize sharing what City Girls Golf is doing on social media. We’re very aggressive with our marketing and post content to normalize it. We’re constantly sharing content of women of color playing golf, getting involved in the sport, having fun, and looking pretty in our outfits. We’re always posting to continue spreading the message and to gain respect in such a male-dominated industry.

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xoN: What are the core values of City Girls Golf?

S: Authenticity. We want everyone to show up as their authentic self. A lot of times, golfers think they have make a certain type of money, act a certain way, and look a certain way, but that’s not always the case. We believe everyone can show up as their authentic self.

Women of color. All of our events are catered predominantly to women of color, and we curate spaces for women of color to join and learn golf.

Community. We believe in wearing pink and white to represent City Girls Golf. When all the girls wear pink and white, it shows we’re unified, one community and one team. Also, the color pink symbolizes strength, femininity, and this is needed more in the golf industry.

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xoN: How do you think playing golf translates into your confidence as a woman in your day to day?

S: Golf is already a challenging sport. As a woman in a predominantly white male industry and playing a sport, I’ve never seen any of my family members or anyone in my social circle play, I'm already challenging the system. Learning golf, in general, takes a lot of confidence because, in the beginning, you suck. It’s a hard sport and extremely humbling because you see everyone else hitting the ball, but you can barely get the basics down. However, it does take someone with a lot of confidence to stay persistent in learning and persevering until you get better. Personally, playing golf has boosted my confidence. It helps me in different aspects of my life, such as talking to anyone and feeling comfortable in different rooms.

To get involved with City Girls Golf’s follow them on Instagram and head to their website to sign up for their email list to know about upcoming events. To become a sponsor and further support their mission, send your information to citygirlsgolf@citygirlsgolf.org.

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