Blue Ivy Carter Now Has Two Gold RIAA Certifications Thanks To Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ Album
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Blue Ivy Carter Now Has Two Gold RIAA Certifications Thanks To Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ Album

Beyoncé has had a lot to celebrate over the last few weeks after the release of her album RENAISSANCEand now her eldest daughter Blue Ivy Carter can join in on the fun. Blue reportedly has scored two gold RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) certifications, one for “BROWN SKIN GIRL” from The Lion King: The Gift and “Blue” from Beyoncé’s self-titled album. These gold plaques only add to the 10-year-old’s other accolades.

In Sept. 2021, the young entertainer became the youngest person to win an MTV VMA award with “BROWN SKIN GIRL,” and that same year she won a Grammy for the music video. In Dec. 2021, she also won a Voice Arts Artist award for the best voice-over of a children’s audiobook for narrating Hair Love.

Blue’s recent accolades come on the heels of her mom Beyoncé receiving 70 RIAA certifications in one day. According to reports, the new certifications occurred after her catalog sales were updated.

Parkwood Entertainment on Instagram: "📀💿 Congratulations to @Beyonce on 70 new #RIAATopCertified albums and singles!"

The decorated singer’s hit song “Break My Soul” is spending its second week at the top of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and her seventh album has been holding steady atop the U.K. Albums charts. The mother of three’s recent accolades reportedly makes her the third most awarded female artist in US music history with 114 million RIAA Single Awards.

Here are all of Beyoncé’s 70 new RIAA certifications:

Beyoncé’s Platinum Albums

  • 6X Multi-Platinum Album – Dangerously In Love
  • 6X Multi-Platinum Album –I Am… Sasha Fierce
  • 5X Multi-Platinum Album – B-Day
  • 5X Multi-Platinum Album – Beyonce: Platinum Edition
  • 4X Multi-Platinum Album – 4

Beyoncé’s Platinum Singles

  • 6X Multi-Platinum Single – “Crazy In Love”
  • 6X Multi-Platinum Single – “Irreplaceable”
  • 6X Multi-Platinum Single – “If I Were A Boy”
  • 6X Multi-Platinum Single – “Drunk In Love”
  • 4X Multi-Platinum Single – “7/11” (2014)
  • 4X Multi-Platinum Single – “Run The World (Girls)”
  • 4X Multi-Platinum Single – “Partition”
  • 4X Multi-Platinum Single – “Love On Top”
  • 3X Multi-Platinum Single – “Sweet Dreams”
  • 3X Multi-Platinum Single – “Formation”
  • 3X Multi-Platinum Single – “Best Thing I Never Had”
  • 3X Multi-Platinum Single – “Sorry”
  • 3X Multi-Platinum Single – “FLAWLESS”
  • 2X Multi-Platinum Single – “Check On It”
  • 2X Multi-Platinum Single – “Countdown”
  • 2X Multi-Platinum Single – “XO”
  • 2X Multi-Platinum Single – “Hold Up”
  • 2X Multi-Platinum Single – “Dance for You”
  • 2X Multi-Platinum Single – “Diva”
  • 2X Multi-Platinum Single – “Beautiful Liar” with Shakira
  • Platinum Single – “Ring The Alarm”
  • Platinum Single – “Déjà Vu”
  • Platinum Single – “Naughty Girl”
  • Platinum Single – “Baby Boy”
  • Platinum Single – “6 INCH (FEAT. THE WEEKND)”
  • Platinum Single – “All Night”
  • Platinum Single – “BEFORE I LET GO (HOMECOMING LIVE)”
  • Platinum Single – “End of Time”
  • Platinum Single – “Get Me Bodied”
  • Platinum Single – “MINE (FEAT. DRAKE)”
  • Platinum Single – “Pretty Hurts”
  • Platinum Single – “Upgrade U (Ft. Jay-Z)”
  • Platinum Single – “1+1”
  • Platinum Single – “Ego”
  • Platinum Single – “Listen”
  • Platinum Single – “Me, Myself and I”
  • Platinum Single – “Party”
  • Platinum Single – “Video Phone”

Beyoncé’s Gold Singles

  • Gold Single – “Ave Maria”
  • Gold Single – “ALREADY”
  • Gold Single – “BLACK PARADE”
  • Gold Single – “Freakum Dress”
  • Gold Single – “Haunted”
  • Gold Single – “Heaven”
  • Gold Single – “I Was Here”
  • Gold Single – “Love Drought”
  • Gold Single – “No Angel”
  • Gold Single – “Pray You Catch Me”
  • Gold Single – “Rocket”
  • Gold Single – “Sandcastles”
  • Gold Single – “Superpower (Ft. Frank Ocean)”
  • Gold Single – “Blow”
  • Gold Single – “Daddy Lessons”
  • Gold Single – “Freedom (Ft. Kendrick Lamar)”

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