10 Gifts Every Fitness Aficionado Secretly Wants
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10 Gifts Every Fitness Aficionado Secretly Wants

Working out and getting fit is a lifestyle and who wouldn't appreciate a gift that helps them navigate that lifestyle just a bit more smoothly. Working out and getting fit can be a great thing--especially when you have cool items to motivate you to get through.

Get the workout junky that you love and adore one (or a few of the gifts below). Even the person getting into the groove of working out will appreciate one of these wonderful gift items to jumpstart their fitness journey.

Storage Workout Bottle, $14.99

Anyone who workouts out, even if it isn’t regular probably wishes that they can conveniently carry all of their gym essentials around—-keys, water bottle, phone—without a hassle. This storage water bottle is absolutely the perfect solution.

Collapsible Water Bottle, $19.95

Those who try to stay hydrated and environmentally friendly by carrying a refillable water bottle throughout the day understand the struggle of having to lug around a water bottle all day. This water bottle actually collapses to make it easy to store. Get around with having to worry about your pesky water bottle cramping your style.

Gaiam Metro Gym Bag, $18.74 (originally $24.99)

This not so basic gym bag is the perfect companion for your next workout. It’s loaded with compartments to store everything that you may need and even has an attachment for you to comfortably store your yoga mat at the bottom. Did I mention it’s currently on 20% off?

Fitlosophy Fitspiration Journal, $19.99

This journal serves not only as a way to keep track of your workout but also as some inspiration throughout your workout. Enjoy 16 weeks of inspiration while tracking your workout progress.

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Bunny James “Fitness Box”, $39.89

For the fitness aficionado that has a hankering for snacks, the Bunny James fitness boxes are the perfect way to consciously snack while not straying away from fitness goals. The box is packed with, Non-GMO, high protein, healthy snacks will help satisfy any cravings for unhealthy snacks.

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Sony Over The Ear Wireless Headphones, $69.99 (originally $129.99)

Wireless headphones are one of the best things to happen for any gym goer. The powerful headphones allow you to put in work at while working out with wires getting all in the way.

CKB Ltd Meal Diet Planner, $12.00

Having a balanced diet when working out is essential. This magnetic planner will help any meal prepper plan out their meals. Best of all, you can stick it right on the fridge to get a glimpse at your meals for the week.

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Oster Blender with Travel Sports Bottle, $15.99 (originally $24.99)

Makingsmoothies can make quite the mess but not when you can blend your smoothie right in your sports bottle and go. This blender is ideal for the smoothie lover that would love to do way with all the extra cleaning.

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The Exercise Freak Workout Essentials, $68

Any post-workout beauty item that you could ever think of is right here in this set. Go from the gym to wherever feeling refreshed from head to toe. The set includes face wash, face balm, face wipes, and deodorant.

Flight 001 Fitness Kit, $40

For the workout enthusiast that is often on the go, here is a set that will allow you to workout from virtually anywhere. The set includes three resistance bands, a jump rope and exercise booklet all packed in a heavy-duty bag that's double lined to keep moisture and odors contained.

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