Yvonne Orji Wants A Partner, Not a Project
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Yvonne Orji Wants A Partner, Not a Project

Yvonne Orji has been very open about her virginity, dating and the pressures she's faced from her Nigerian parents about not being married yet. However, at 37 years old, the Insecure actress knows what she wants in a partner and isn't willing to settle for less than what she feels she deserves.

Yvonne sat down with The Breakfast Club to discuss the final season of Insecure *sheds tear* and when the conversations shifted to finding the right partner, the comedienne didn't hold back.

The Nigerian born actress went on to detail how her traveling and living her best life should be an indicator for men to know how to pursue her.

"All of the things I'm doing right now, I'm giving you the blueprint," she said. "You can't come into my life and be like well, 'we didn't know you liked to travel,' uh, exhibit A," she joked.

The "blueprint" she's referring to may be her Instagram page because if you follow her, then you will see all of the striking photos of exotic destinations the actress has visited recently.

So, while Yvonne may be looking for someone who has coins (cha-ching), she is also wanting someone who is established in more ways than one.

She shared:

"You have to be currently walking in your purpose. I can't do no science fair projects. I appreciate everybody that's on the come up, I'm just not there right now in my life to support that. There's going to be some people like, 'you missed out on'---I did, I did. [At] this point in my life, I need a fully formed human being who is currently working on themselves, knows who they are, confident in who they are and fulfilling [their] purpose."


The actress also revealed that she was happy and "loved the me that I am right now."

Back in 2018, Yvonne was dating former NFL linebacker and sports analyst Emmanuel Acho, but they eventually broke up in 2019.

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