Before rabbits and bullets, there was the magical world of the hitachi AKA the wand AKA the massager (wink, wink).

Still, for as long as the wands have been on the market I've wondered what all the hype was about. Well, today is the day that both you and I find out. I was inspired by xoNecole's Managing Editor, who wrote a raving review on wands not all that long ago -- I mean when something sounds as good as she made it sound, who am I to deny myself that pleasure? Furthermore, there had to be something powerful about the damn thing because not only has it been on the market since the dawn of time, but companies are still banging out their own little renditions of wands -- they're far from dated, even with the demand for technology to keep up with the times.

Wands are perfect for clitoral stimulation with their bendable, silicone tips and unusually high voltage of power. But, it's the hitatchi that has made a name for both itself and the others. Yet,, that doesn't stop other companies from trying their hand in the wand business and although I wouldn't dare to say superior -- many of them are damn good proteges.

Here's all you need to know about 6 types of wands, including the original. Click through the gallery below!

Adam & Eve Magic Massager Deluxe 8x, $69.95

Shop Here

Adam & Eve did create a wand that very closely resembles the blueprint of the original. For a slightly higher price tag, you can definitely get a powerful vibration out of this wand with eight different vibrations and an additional five pulsating speeds. However, edging is not my thing. But somehow that's exactly what happened as I dripped onto the massager, effectively shutting it down. After a downpour, I looked down to find little bolts of electricity ending what was sure to be a good time. As someone who has the magic ability to squirt whenever my clitoris is thoroughly stimulated through powerful masturbation, this wasn't the toy for me. However, I don't necessarily think this is reflective of the toy or surprising, as it is electric. Nonetheless, it's something you must know if you are someone who experiences next level wetness of any sort.

Shop the product here.

Would you try a wand? Let us know in the comments below!

The products above were sent to me in exchange for a review, but all opinions stated are my own.

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