Living My Dream: Radio Host Devi Brown Gets Real About Self-Care In The Pursuit Of Success

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What does your dream life look like to you?

Success looks different for everyone, including Devi Brown who believed success and happiness would come in the form of an amazing career in radio.

After the LA native secured her first internship at a local radio station, she felt as though she had found her home and quickly worked up the ranks in a field that she was very passionate about. Her work ethic did not go unnoticed, and by the age of 24, she was summoned to New York where she snagged a gig alongside Sway Calloway as the co-host of Sway In The Morning, as well as a stint on MTV's Hip Hop POV.

At the height of it all, she was also proposed to by her soulmate, NFL star Duane Brown.

She was living the dream. Or so she thought.

Although she had everything she could have ever imagined, she still did not feel happy.

"Unfortunately, at that moment in my life, I wasn't practicing enough self-care. I didn't feel as happy as I should be. At a certain point, I felt like I became a stress addict and I was wearing stress like a badge of honor."

In the newest episode of xoNecole's Living My Dream series sponsored by Toyota, Devi explains how she had to slow things down a bit in order to create a life she loved. She eventually left New York in search of balance, which ultimately led her to her true purpose.



Nowadays, success for Devi is just as much crystal therapy, journaling, and teaching other women healing techniques as it is rocking the airwaves at Houston’s 93.7 The Beat, creating her own line of crystals, and of course, being Mrs. Brown.

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