There Was So Much Black Excellence Slaying On The 2018 BET Awards Red Carpet
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There Was So Much Black Excellence Slaying On The 2018 BET Awards Red Carpet

It's official. We are renaming Black Entertainment Television. After tonight, it is deemed BLACK EXCELLENCE TELEVISED.

The star power that gleamed from Hollywood during tonight's awards show was undeniable. I absolutely love the BET Awards because the space is black AF. Every other awards show highlights the dopeness that is our culture but rarely acknowledges the beings that create that dopeness. Thank God for the BET Awards being the exception to the rule.

Tonight was dedicated to celebrating all of the achievements in entertainment made by melanin individuals. By honoring the musical greats, sports warriors, television aficianados and movie mavens, BET has harbored a community of pure eminence.

I am living for the fact that tonight was blacker than the ESSENCE Festival and you can't get more blacker than that.

Of course, our eyes were peeled on the red carpet for the fashion forward celebs, so take a look at some of our favorite looks from tonight:

1.Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae is a dream in this multicolored gown. Energized by her values and causes, she always showcases them through her fashion. What better way to celebrate PRIDE!

Which look did you love most?




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Gail Bean

When I was a child, one of my favorite pastimes was theater. There was something so fulfilling about being on stage and connecting with the talented individuals breathing life into characters and stories. So naturally, I entered college as a theater major, hopeful of creating more of these moments; I ended up switching later on. However, the love for the craft never left, and my respect for actors only grew. And every now and then, I watch a movie or television show, come across a new actor, and think to myself, ‘Ooh, you can tell they’re for real about this.’ This background brings me to the present and our conversation with NAACP award-winning actress Gail Bean.