'Ready To Love' Wants To Remind Us That Real Love Is Out There

'Ready To Love' Wants To Remind Us That Real Love Is Out There

You gotta stay ready...

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I can't be the only woman that's grown tired of the dating apps.

It's easy to feel depleted and discouraged by the seeming lack of options available in the dating world. In the past summer alone, I've dated Love-Bomb Guy, Boring-And-Doesn't-Have-ANY-Kind-Of-Conversation Guy, and plain ole Loser Guy as a result of my explorations in the world of dating apps (that's another story). In what is deemed as an urban mecca, Atlanta should be primed and ready for the choosing but I've found more duds than diamonds in my experience. But, have no fear, Ready To Love is here, and it's giving me and viewers alike a not-so-subtle nudge on the shoulder that real love is out there, you just have to stay ready.

The new OWN series is the brainchild/lovechild of Will Packer Media and Lighthouse Entertainment, and if the trailer is any indication, host "Nephew Tommy" (Steve Harvey Show) Miles is spot-on in his diagnosis of Atlanta being a city with a dating problem. As one woman on the show accurately points out, she's in a predominantly black city where there are "20 women to one man." But this dating show and their high caliber men seek to be the solution.

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In Ready To Love, 20 sexy singles, ranging in ages 30-something to 40-something, are coming together to evaluate and narrow down the dating pool in hopes of finding something real. By the end, three couples will remain who are hopefully on the road to becoming soulmates. And in case we ever wondered what men were thinking about us when we're not around (which let's be real, we do), Ready To Love is giving us an in-depth look into wants and needs of the everyday black man. No chaser. And let's just say as a woman looking for her own slice of Chocolate Zaddy heaven for the long-term, I can't wait to take some notes.

Will you be watching? Check out Ready To Love in its two-night premiere on OWN Tuesday, October 23 at 10 PM and Saturday, October 27 at 10 PM.

Stay ready, ladies.