Obsessed With Pumpkin? Then You'll Love These Items
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Obsessed With Pumpkin? Then You'll Love These Items

So, I have a confession. I’m super late to the pumpkin craze. But hear me out. Growing up, pumpkin was never really a thing in my household. My parents didn’t eat it, and as I got older, it never really appealed to me. Eating pumpkin? I couldn’t imagine what that would taste like. Pumpkin-scented products? Never cared to try it. Aside from eating the pumpkin-shaped candy that is mixed with the candy corn that’s popular around this time of year, which I know isn’t real pumpkin, the thought of pumpkin didn’t excite me. But that has recently changed.

Like many of you out there, I love Starbucks, and as you may know, every fall, they release their pumpkin spice latte. This year, I decided that I was finally ready to see what all the hype was about, and let me tell you, I am now a fan. It surprisingly didn’t taste like what I expected, meaning it wasn’t disgusting (haha). The oat milk probably helped, but I enjoyed the taste and have since ordered it a second time, and the other day, I bought a vanilla pumpkin candle from Target. I may be late to the party, but I’m still going to enjoy myself. I want to share my new obsession with the world, and so I’ve listed a few cool pumpkin products that you can enjoy this season.

Brown Sugar By Kesha Janaan Pumpkin Spice Soap

Keesha Janaan

How cute are these jack-o'-lantern soaps from Brown Sugar? Not only do they smell amazing, but it's good for your skin. Pumpkin has vitamins A and C, which helps moisturize the skin.

Hempz Pumpkin Spice And Vanilla Chai Lotion


As the weather gets cooler, it's important to keep your body soft and hydrated. Hempz limited edition pumpkin spice and vanilla chai lotion can be used daily to achieve the moisture you need.


Candier By Ryan Porter’s Pumpkin Spice Things Up Candle

Ryan Porter

Like the candle says, "spice things up," and fill your home with this intoxicating fall scent.


USDA's Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil


USDA's Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil is rich in vitamins A, C, and E and can be used on the hair and body to get rid of dryness.


Too Cool For School’s Pumpkin 24K Gold Mask

Too Cool For School

This Pumpkin 24k Gold mask is made with pumpkin extract and gold flakes to help with skin brightness, elasticity, and moisture.

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