These 5 Recipes Prove Eating Oats Could Be Key To Getting Thick
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These 5 Recipes Prove Eating Oats Could Be Key To Getting Thick

The truth is not everyone who goes to the gym is looking to lose weight. In some cases, “getting thick” and gaining muscle in order to be stronger and feel more confident is a top priority. While it is as important to get your reps in, what you put in your body plays a huge role in reaching your fitness goals. And ever since rap princess Ice Spice famously coined the phrase, "I'm thick 'cause I be eating oats," it has us wondering, can eating oatmeal really be the secret to making gains in all the right places?

“Oatmeal or oats is a nutritious food, but it’s not primarily known for its protein source compared to protein-rich foods like meat, chicken, fish, and other plant proteins like legumes,” says Johna Burdeos, a registered dietitian. “Oats are made up of carbs, including moderate amounts of fiber and some protein. There are about 5 grams of protein in a half cup of oats. Typically, people who want to gain muscle will increase their protein intake as protein is the building block for the tissues, skin, hair, and muscles.”

Does Oatmeal Help You Gain Weight?

In order to understand how to incorporate oats into your diet and maximize its benefits, we’ll have to break down what this grain can offer the body on a nutritional level. “Firstly, understand that the carbs in oats help fuel you with energy for workouts and strength training. Oats also provide fiber, which can help support your digestive tract,” Burdeos says.

She continues, “A healthy digestive tract is needed for proper absorption of nutrients, regardless of weight or health goals. Oats also offer various nutrients like copper, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron, and vitamin B1. All of these nutrients are important for many bodily functions and overall health, including metabolism, bone health, blood health, and heart health.”

How To Use Oats for Weight Gain

While oatmeal alone does not directly contribute to muscle gain, it can play a beneficial role in a muscle-building diet due to its nutritional properties. According to Burdeos, in order to incorporate oats into a diet for muscle building, “it’s important to pair oats with protein-rich foods.”

She says that if you want to build muscle, there are many ways to incorporate oatmeal into a meal plan, but it’s going to take a little more assistance from other food groups that are a key source of protein.

The Best Ways To Eat Oats for Weight Gain:

Grab a Greek yogurt.

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Greek yogurt is high in protein at about 16 grams in a 5.5 oz serving and offers magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and potassium.”

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet along with regular exercise is essential to our overall well-being. According to Burdeos, allow yourself the liberty to try out different ways to incorporate lean proteins such as chicken, eggs, fish, and tofu into your diet, along with whole grains, fruits, and vegetables that offer essential fiber, nutrients, and phytonutrients for optimal gains.

Still, if you're intrigued by the idea of including oats in your meal plan, here are a few delightful recipes you can experiment with!

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