Why I Care That Tyga And Kylie Are 'Stimulated'
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Why I Care That Tyga And Kylie Are 'Stimulated'

We live in an age where we can mute, block, and report something as spam when we don't want to see it on our social media feeds–turning your head and a blind eye to things doesn't suffice anymore.

I'm good for this as I'm big on self-preservation and keep my mental health in the forefront of almost everything nowadays. I find myself having to explain to friends the need to remove them from my timeline, not because of a personal issue I have with them, but due to the need of not wanting to see and take in every rant, hot topic, or Kardashian that finds its way in front of me.

But it was hard to not weigh in or feel discomfort over the evolution of Tyga and Kylie Jenner's friendship-turned-sexual relationship. It made me uneasy, and I was brought back to the time when I was a 14-year-old freshman “dating” an almost 18-year-old high school senior. He was on his way to college, while I had just unearthed (and become frightened by) my own body and my monthly menstrual cycle. I swore at 14 I knew it all; at 28, I realize I know nothing and still have a ways to go as it's been reported, women reach their sexual peak in their 30s. I saw myself in Kylie–a young woman fascinated by the prospects of love and having an opportunity to give my inexperienced self to someone else to guide me into womanhood.

[Tweet "I saw myself in Kylie–a young woman fascinated by the prospects of love."]

It's something like “Yeezy taught me.” This man would forever leave a stamp within the insides of my body, long after we've gone our separate ways, and well into other relationships. I would be told I could give fellatio “the right way” or “know how to ride” because I was properly taught how to engage in sexual activities at a young age. I was reminded of the importance of pleasing my significant other, while educating myself on the same parts he touched and penetrated. He would forever be a part of me; Tyga will leave his mark on Kylie.

That bothered me. After a draining argument with two West Indian men who attempted to reassure me there wasn't anything wrong with having intercourse with younger women because it was part of their culture, I gave up (and became grossed out). The men I considered friends found no fault in Kylie and Tyga's behavior, and as an advocate for bringing awareness to sexual assault, felt the need to remind me of consent. That, in turn, was followed by questions of why did I care? I hear and read that often when logging into Facebook and Twitter, and I hate that adults are adamant on asking this before understanding the uproar.

But why do we care so much about other people's relationships, specifically when there are consenting parties involved?

Upon reading about Kylie's family allegedly expressing disapproval of her boyfriend's latest single, “Stimulated” (that's quite disturbing I might add), I wondered why they felt the need to show disapproval now. In the lyrics, Tyga unapologetic spits:

F**k what they talking about, ni**a

She a big girl, dog

I’m gonna do what the f**k I wanna do when I wanna do

She a big girl, dog

I’m putting in, I’m penetrating

I’m getting big, I’m stimulated

Did they think we weren't aware of their then 16- and now 17-year-old daughter having sex? Her recent changes in her physical appearance alone equated to a young woman attempting to come into her own by way of hypersexualizing herself. Their family rose to fame and built a multi-million dollar empire on the foundation of selling sexualized images and beauty. Sex has always sold, and the Kardashians simply took it to another level, opening reality TV doors and endorsements to feed generations. Should we then be surprised by Kylie's behavior?

“I don't care because I had sex at her age, too.”

“Why does it matter when she's not my child?”

“Who gives a damn when she's worth millions as a teenager?”

I get all of that, but I still care, because money doesn't excuse pedophilia or take away from the fact that there are young girls growing up entirely too fast, ultimately becoming women who know little to nothing about their own bodies.

Money doesn't excuse pedophilia or take away from the fact that there are young girls growing up entirely too fast.

Money, to a lot of people, excuses piss poor and questionable behavior. And that's unfortunate. We have men issuing control over our temples.

When do we stop muting and blocking out that issue?



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