Kandi Burruss Opens Up About Plastic Surgery And Recent Breast Reduction

"I've tried a couple different things as far as physically changing my body."

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Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Kandi Burruss has never been one to shy away from the truth. In fact, she welcomes it. Expect honesty when she is around—from show drama to plastic surgery, as she has had her fair share of each. And with plastic surgery being such a topic of discussion for much of the year, seeing her fall in line is the refreshing content that I love to see.

With the launch of her popular YouTube series Speak On It, Burruss is currently aiming to help others by discussing her own personal surgeries, a topic she says celebrities aren't honest about in any capacity. On this particular 'Body Work' three-part special, Kandi started with herself:

"I always look at it like this: there are so many celebrities out there who tweak and fix and they never claim it, or if they do, they never share who did the work. I just feel like let's be real with the people, let's talk to the people out there being fans of us and fans of all these celebrities and let them know the real. So I feel like share your stories, let's talk about it."

She even teased that she'd show footage from a post-op appointment, a level of transparency that not many celebs have. And interestingly enough, as she discussed her newfound need to be open about plastic surgery, she revealed that she in fact had a recent breast reduction for the second time.

"I did have some weight loss, I did try some juicing recently, but let's not let that confuse you to thinking that that's what made my boobs get reduced, because it's not, honey. That's not what made my boobs smaller, I went to a doctor."

The revelation of her breast reduction, opened the floodgates on what other surgeries she's ever had.

"I've tried a couple different things as far as physically changing my body. I have done lipo before, gotten boobs, I've got a boob reduction, I got another boob reduction, I've done a tummy tuck, and as far as facial things, I don't do anything to my face really, but I have tried botox, which is still relevant to this conversation."

Shortly after, she admits to having a fat transfer to her boobs, from her liposuction surgery, as well as details the doctor who performed the surgery (Dr. Dill).

You know, this conversation made me wonder: are we ready to normalize plastic surgery as a community? For so many years, Black women have been shut out of the procedures of having one because it was culturally considered a "White woman thing," being that they likely had the funds to move forward. But now that society is shifting, and because Black women are glowing tf up and living our best lives—oftentimes as the breadwinner—now we've figured out that we can do the damn thing too.

Additionally, since we're so policed on everything about ourselves, from hair, all the way to body type, are we creating a culture of women who give into societal pressures? Or is it self-care to do what makes you happy, even if that means going under the knife?

Watch the full video of Kandi discussing plastic surgery and let's chat about it, sis! 

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