Issa Rae Drops Life Gems While Giving Us A Look Into Her Skincare Routine
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Issa Rae Drops Life Gems While Giving Us A Look Into Her Skincare Routine

Actress Issa Rae has recently captured fans' attention with her radiant skin and captivating looks while promoting her new live-action movie Barbie.

Barbie, which debuted in theaters last week, follows the famous figurine (Margot Robbie) as she and Ken (Ryan Gosling) uncover the true meaning of life and happiness after Barbie gets axed from Barbieland for having imperfect features. In the film, Rae portrays the role of President Barbie.

In celebration of Barbie's release, Rae graciously shared her beauty tips on Vogue's YouTube seriesBeauty Secrets, revealing her daily moisturizing routine, the products she swears by to achieve that stunning glow, and the lessons she learned in the entertainment industry.


Issa Rae

Vogue/ YouTube

At the top of the video, the 38-year-old revealed that she hasn't had any breakouts in over a year thanks to the Olehenriksen Dewtopia 20% Acid Night Treatment. Rae shares that she usually applies the serum at night before bed and rinses it off the following morning.

But due to the tutorial, the Insecure star decided to do it before applying other products to her face.

"There's no morning routine without my Dewtopia. I have not had a pimple in a year and a half since using this," she said. "Not even period pimples... I love this product."

Cleanser and Lip Balm

In the next step, Rae applied the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser throughout her skin to remove any excess dirt and help retain moisture. The actress also added Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly on her lips.

Scalp Oil

Issa Rae

Vogue/ YouTube

Further into the video, Rae stressed the importance of scalp care being considered a part of a skincare routine, especially within the Black community, as she applied Sienna Naturals Daily Elixir Hair & Scalp Oil throughout her scalp.

"Scalp oil from Sienna Naturals... I'm dry all the time everywhere, and scalp care is skincare," she explained while mentioning the other ways she has protected her various hairstyles. "I will rock braids. I'm good at wrapping my hair at night and preserving hairstyles. Barbie was a wiggy a-- set. I'll say that."

Vitamin C & E Serum

After applying the scalp oil throughout her hair, Rae continued her routine by rubbing in Eminence Skin Care Citrus & Kale Potent C+E Serum on her face.

There are benefits to using a serum containing vitamins C and E. Healthline reports that the sole reason that vitamin C and E serums could be helpful to one's skin is because it "combats different types of UV damage."

Eye Cream

Issa Rae

Vogue/ YouTube

As for her eyes and how she reduces the appearance of dark circles, Rae revealed that she uses Lancer Legacy Eye Treatment Duo regularly while gently applying the cream to her eyes.

Also, in the interview, Rae disclosed details about her morning self-care regimen: waking up early, working out, and caring for her skin.

"I used to have super dark circles under my eyes. This is a Lancer Legacy Eye Treatment. Mornings are my favorite time of day. They are my time. I get up super early. I'm a 4 a.m. girl," she stated.

"I get my workout in, and after my workouts, then I feel like I've already tackled the day in the best way. And then this is where you find me, my skincare routine. That's also a way to unwind and get ready for the day. I do bask in it when I have time."

Rae continued the discussion by saying that she prioritizes her skincare routine so much that she doesn't leave home without any of her products.

"When I'm traveling, this entire routine goes in a small pouch, like a kit. It goes with me everywhere, every bathroom. I unpack it first. Where I'm at, I know that I'm home and my skin will be taken care of," she said.


To help prevent any sun damage to her skin, Rae applied Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen on her face.

The Photograph star shared that before adding sunscreen to her skincare routine, she was one of the individuals that felt she didn't need it because she was Black.

But after Rae learned that skin cancer could happen to anybody regardless of race and location, she made a "concerted effort to put on sunscreen."

"I use sunscreen a lot, and I have gotten better about it because I was one of those ones. I was one of those Blacks that was like, 'Do I need it?'" she stated. "I've learned that cancer doesn't care where you're at. So I make a concerted effort to put on sunscreen."

Face Oil 

In the last step of her skincare tutorial, Rae disclosed that when she occasionally goes to work without makeup, the product that helps her maintain her "glowy look" is Tata Harper Beautifying Face Oil.

"I will go to work without makeup if I'm in a rush, and when I still want to have that glowy, dewy look, I use this Tata Harper Beautifying Oil. I love it," she said.


Issa Rae

Vogue/ YouTube

In regards to makeup, Rae kept it fairly subtle by applying neutral colors and a gloss. She shared how she loves bronzer, and her go-to is Tower Cream Bronzer. She also likes Dime Beauty Eyebrow Gel, and MAC Cosmetics lip pencil, and Sigma lip gloss.

While applying those products, The Lovebirds actress shared the one career advice that has kept her encouraged in times of despair over the years.

"I would say the best advice I have gotten has been like what's meant for you will be yours. That has got me through so many setbacks," she said. "That really gets me through times when I'm down on myself. When something is mine, and I'm ready for it, then I'm out here, baby."

Rae completed the look by applying her favorite scent Chanel N°5 to her skin.

The live-action Barbie is now playing in theaters, and for more of Rae's skincare and makeup routine, check out the video below.

Barbie's Issa Rae Shares Her Dry Skin Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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Featured image via Vogue/Beauty Secrets



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