5 Places In Atlanta For The Perfect Valentine’s Date Night
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5 Places In Atlanta For The Perfect Valentine’s Date Night

Just because your dating apps aren’t promising, doesn’t mean that you can’t plan your next Valentine’s Day date night.

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Yes, it may be true that I haven’t been on a date since dinosaurs walked the earth, nor have I visited Atlanta in months, but one thing I do have at my disposal is a very ‘well-pinned’ Pinterest board and an Instagram app bookmarked with my most wanted date night spots in Atlanta. The southern town that has become the mecca of all things culinary and refined- Atlanta has truly centralized the best of all cuisine options to include a balance in ambiance, style, decor, and of course, food selections.

Here is a list of a few places that I have saved in my Instagram profiles for whenever I finally meet the perfect match on Hinge.

St. Cecilia (3455 Peachtree Rd., Atlanta, GA)

This European-posh restaurant is fit for clean girl aesthetics and a sophisticated palate. St. Cecilia offers a picturesque menu that captivates delightful and filling sea-to-table fare. For the model couple that loves taking Instagram photos sans the filter, this is a fresh ingredient complimentary ode to what happens when you combine good flavors and design. From their oyster dishes to their fresh pasta and pastries. The aesthetically beautiful restaurant nestled in Buckhead’s Pinnacle Building is a local trip to Europe that will leave you satisfied without the travel fees.

The James Room (661 Auburn Ave. NE, Suite 280, Atlanta, GA)

The James Room reminds me of opening a fresh bottle of Apple Crown Royal on a dark and stormy night. It’s just that sexy and mature! This sophisticated cocktail lounge is very Noir Atlanta with a speakeasy vibe by night and a cafe by day. A place for the couple that doesn’t mind starting the line dance in the club- The James Room as described by their website is “a vibe.” They create this vibe through the love of music and food colliding to create the perfect accompaniment. With a nostalgic R&B vibe, patrons can create their own grown and sexy conversation amongst a variety of food options including- charcuterie boards, salads, and crab cakes, just to name a few.

The Wisteria (471 North Highland Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA)

A true southern classic that reads like a storybook- The Wisteria is a coastal Georgian’s date night palace. If you’re a couple looking to be swept away into the moss trees of the low country like royalty, the Wisteria’s adaptation of rich, fried southern cuisines does not disappoint. This date night spot is a satisfying classic that aims to please. Featuring signature bar drinks and an elevated take on southern classics like fried chicken, Brussels sprouts, and oysters that will bring joy and comfort to you and your date. This is a spot for the couple who need a reason to get dressed up before they Netflix and chill.

The Capital Grille (225 East Paces Ferry Road NE, Atlanta, GA)

Combine work and play life at Capital Grille. This regional American steakhouse is a classic spot for those who want good food in a signature location with a wide variety of wine and steak options. This place is great for traditional couples who love good eateries that have a consistent and nostalgic taste. The food here is an experience that many want to indulge in far beyond Valentine’s Day.

Read Shop by the Merchant (4300 Paces Ferry Road SE #125, Atlanta, GA)

Sometimes the best Valentine’s date is one that involves peace, much like what Read Shop by the Merchant provides. This darling bookstore is the perfect place to turn off your brain and relax in satisfying bliss while reading or enjoying a hot beverage. This might even be a cute place to write how much you love your honey for V-day while you both enjoy your favorite novels.

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