Throw It Back Like A Zodiac (ft. Dani Simone)

Throw It Back Like A Zodiac (ft. Dani Simone)


The leaves are falling and temperatures are dropping, which can only mean it is time to get in tune with our best autumn and third quarter selves. And listen, for some of us, we have no clue where to start.

Just in time for the shift, Tarot Reader, Dani Simone joined Amer and Sheriden for this week's episode of the xoNecole Happy Hour podcast to get all of our vibrations in check! Also known as the Mystic Model, Dani's resume extends way beyond your local newspaper clipping. She also serves as the resident horoscope writer for xoNecole, and as Amer says, "Sis, don't miss!"

So, grab your crystals and conjure up your best manifestation, spirituality, and zodiac questions. We're tapping into our higher selves today.

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