Saweetie Has A Candid Discussion About How She Viewed Her Hair Growing Up

Saweetie Has A Candid Discussion About How She Viewed Her Hair Growing Up

At the end of last year, Saweetie decided to do the big chop and debuted her new crown on Instagram in time for the new year. When asked about her decision to shave her head in previous interviews, the “Icy Chain” rapper shared that she wanted to “start fresh.” But now she’s giving folks a deeper look into her relationship with her hair. In the May 2022 Glamour UK issue, the 28-year-old reflected on her hair journey from struggling with it as a child to cutting it all off as an adult.

“I hated my hair,” she confessed. “It’s naturally really kinky and curly. It’s beautiful, but I was a tomboy and was like, ‘I don’t got no time for this.’” Saweetie comes from a multicultural background with her mom being Filipina and Chinese and her dad Black American. Like many little Black girls and girls of mixed heritage, she struggled to love her hair texture and fell into the trap of trying to achieve society’s beauty standards such as flowy, straight hair instead.

“I loved me a long, straight, silky West Coast press. That was my favorite,” said the Bay Area native. “I remember when I would compliment another girl with straight hair, she wouldn’t compliment me back. At a young age, I just felt like my hair was very high maintenance and not easy to do. I always wished I had straight hair.”

The battle with her hair ultimately led her to cut her hair when she was young. “I actually got in trouble with my mom because I convinced my grandma to cut my hair off in the kitchen,” she said. She added that overall she was tired of her hair taking forever to wash and style.

The Grammy-nominated artist didn’t start appreciating her hair until she began playing sports. That’s when she began noticing how curly and wild her hair was and she fell in love with it.

Right now she’s enjoying the bald life although she still likes to wear her wigs. “Honestly, with my bald head, I feel so free,” she said. “I love just massaging my head at the end of the day. I feel like I can finally touch all of me up here. It’s like a different type of pleasure.

But the “Tap In” artist did admit that she couldn’t wait to get her curls back. “In hindsight, I’m vibing it now. I can’t wait to get my curls back nice and luscious,” she said.

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