Nene Leakes Lost 12 Pounds By Adopting This Trendy Diet
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Nene Leakes Lost 12 Pounds By Adopting This Trendy Diet

Following in the footsteps of stars like Gabby Sidibe and Mo'Nique, Nene Leakes is also on the list of celebs who have recently made a choice to level up their lifestyle.

Judging by the pics on this Georgia Peach's Instagram, she plans to ride this hot girl summer out to the very end, and she recently dropped the details about how she got snatched in such a short period of time.

According to Nene, after her husband battled and survived colon cancer, they have both made a conscious decision to live healthier lifestyles. While we can't expect to see Nene in our local Planet Fitness, she has made some significant changes to the way that she eats. The 51-year-old reality star told HollywoodLife:

"We've really been trying to do better and eat better and eliminate the junk. I'm not doing anything crazy like doing the elliptical or riding the bike or running."

She explained that along with cutting out junk food, she has also given this trendy diet a try:

"I started being a pescatarian and he was plant-based, so I started there. It did help me and I felt different. I lost a couple of pounds. I'm not a big eater. But what I started to do, was just have small portions. I feel like I eat about four times a day – four, sometimes five – just nibbling on stuff, and I feel really satisfied."

Nene says that while she hadn't been able to completely curb her habits, she has been able to employ a few new methods to ensure that she keeps her cravings in check:

"I love to snack on stuff because I like chips. So If I'd want it so bad, I could eat a little bit and then I'd throw it in the trash can. I always say to myself, 'I'm not going through the trash can to get it out and eat it,' so I'd bite it and then I'd throw it in the trash. So I could just satisfy myself a little bit."

Nene told the publication that with her birthday being less than six months away, she's hoping to be in the best shape of her life. So far, Nene has lost 12 pounds and is down a whole dress size. While this may not seem like a huge accomplishment to some, now, the reality star says she's only 8 pounds away from her weight loss goal.

"I've always been the girl who's been a size 10, and then when I got bigger I was a 12 — Whatever. I don't ever remember being an 8. I would love to be an 8."

To read Nene's full interview, click here!

Featured image by Instagram/@neneleakes.

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