"Going With The Flow" featuring Dr. Nicole Sparks and Keisha Villarson
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"Going With The Flow" featuring Dr. Nicole Sparks and Keisha Villarson

In the third and final episode of the "Made For Me" podcast, our host Gia Peppers has a frank discussion with OB-GYN Dr. Nicole Sparks and personal trainer Keisha Villarson about periods, the stigmas around them, and tips for the audience to “go with the flow.” This conversation will explore how to navigate best practices for having the talk and discussing periods with our partners, our daughters, and our friends.

Smile, Sis! These Five Improvements Can Upgrade Your Oral Hygiene Instantly

This article is in partnership with Sensodyne.

Our teeth are connected to so many things - our nutrition, our confidence, and our overall mood. We often take for granted how important healthy teeth are, until issues like tooth sensitivity or gum recession come to remind us. Like most things related to our bodies, prevention is the best medicine. Here are five things you can do immediately to improve your oral hygiene, prevent tooth sensitivity, and avoid dental issues down the road.

Ciara's Prayer Is Cool, But What About A Prayer To Find Your Tribe?

We, as women, pray to God for the type of husband we want, but do we pray for the type of friends we need? Many women often imitate singer Ciara’s prayer, hoping it will, too, lead them to their “Russell Wilson” – an equally yoked partner.

Yes, finding a life partner is a dream many hold close to their hearts, but how often do we put the same energy into asking for the friends that resonate with our souls? As with romantic relationships, our circle of friends can make or break us. Therefore, it is important to pray for our "tribe" with as much intention as we do for a life partner.