Hair Color to Try: Rose Gold

Hair Color to Try: Rose Gold

Pink hair don't care - ayyyyeeeee!

Millennial pink was a buzzword this year. Lucky for us, it led to the unveiling of rose gold hair. As women of color, we struggle with how to wear hair colors so we aren't stereotyped. This subtle version of pink hair is a dream for us because it's just enough sass to keep our white coworkers at bay. I never thought that I would be so obsessed with this magical fusion of pink and blonde.

Rosy makeup is known to brighten up washed-out cheekbones; rose gold hued hair also heats up your hair. The most beautiful aspect is that it can easily shift from light to dark. No matter your current hair color or style you have, there are so many ways to own rose gold hair. Before you book your next hair appointment, check out some serious inspo below!

Alissa Ashley is a beauty maven – if she's rocking this trend, you should be rocking it too. I love how she created a glowy beauty look playing on her rose gold glow!

Would you consider going rose gold?

Featured image by Alissa Ashley

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