Chlöe’s Tiny Desk Performance Is A Master Class In Show Versus Tell
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Chlöe’s Tiny Desk Performance Is A Master Class In Show Versus Tell

If there’s one thing Chlöe is going to do is serve a vocal performance that elevates anything she delivers on a track. The soulful vocalist did that and then some with jazz-influenced renditions of her most popular tracks for a recently dropped NPR Tiny Desk performance.

As she expertly dives from falsetto head voice to deeply felt guttural low tones, Chlöe proves once again that she is a master of her most versatile instrument, her voice. Starting with the songs “Surprise” and “Body Do,” Chlöe took us through a medley of songs from her debut album In Piecesthat seamlessly blended into each other while also pausing to provide brief anecdotes in between songs that pointed to her vulnerability and transparency.

The transition into the track “Worried” felt like a pointed message to naysayers (read: haters) and those who claim to not see her for who she is as an artist and creative. At the end of the day, she is not going to “worry” about things outside of her control. She then segued into her album’s moving title track, “In Pieces,” but before she began, she revealed to the audience a poignant truth about vulnerability.

“I feel like it’s important to be honest and transparent about our vulnerabilities and what we’re going through. And, a lot of times I've been broken down and the cracks will be left, but that doesn't make me imperfect. That doesn't take away any beauty I have deep inside.”

Chlöe continued, “It’s important to surround ourselves with the ones who will appreciate us in all of that glory.”

The 25-year-old artist ended her performance with her 2022 single “Cheatback” which she admitted she wrote because a “nigga was playing games.” We live for the transparency!

To check out the performance in full, watch the video below.

Chlöe: Tiny Desk Concert

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