Target Is Representing For Every Hue By Adding These 8 Woman-Owned Beauty Brands To Their Shelves

Target Is Representing For Every Hue By Adding These 8 Woman-Owned Beauty Brands To Their Shelves

With Fenty Beauty consistently putting out products with impressive shade ranges, other beauty brands are quickly following suit to supply women of color with makeup/beauty options to enhance their beautifully melanated skin to its full capacity. Now, retail giant Target has thrown their hat into the ring and collaborated with a host of beauty brands that represent WOC.

Practically everyone has found themselves making a Target run, and whether you are a regular or casual shopper, you have to admit that the beauty aisles at Target are hard to resist. Fortunately for the beauty-obsessed (and those that want their complexion to look as luxurious as possible) Target has collaborated with a record 8 beauty brands that are all specialized for WOC.

Collectively, the lines will offer more than 150 products designed for medium to dark skin tones, including a whopping 60 shades of foundation alone. The brands are already available on Target.com and are likely to sell out quickly. However, don't worry because come May 20, the collections will be ready for purchase in select stores. This is definitely a beautiful way to celebrate the magic of melanin!

Scroll through the gallery below to learn the 411 on the 8 brands coming to Target shelves near you!

1.EveryHue Beauty

Created with the belief that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and complexions, EveryHue Beauty was formulated to meet the needs of all modern women while super-serving the multiethnic woman. They offer wearable shades while focusing on warmer hues to meet the makeup needs of all women.

Which line(s) are you the most excited to try?

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