To The Fellas: 7 Things To Send Her Instead Of A Peen Pic

To The Fellas: 7 Things To Send Her Instead Of A Peen Pic

We hear a lot of women talking about receiving photographs of wrinkled sausage in their inboxes, and unsurprisingly, most of them don't seem to be very happy about it. Some women post them in their GroupMe's and laugh about it with their girlfriends, others send scathing texts to the gross culprits, and the unnamed few actually like it.

Regardless of the outcome we all must admit that sending a peen pic is rather distasteful and definitely not creative. So in an effort for men to step their game up and find better ways to communicate than sending skin burritos with their precious data--this is a post for the humane few to share with their men friends.

From one man to another, here are 7 alternatives to sending her a peen pic:

1) Link to a mutually interesting article or book suggestion

Show her that you read bruh. Show her how you are abreast of what's going on in the world and our community. She'll be excited to know that you pay attention to more than just Instagram, Drake and the latest gossip. Be informed and inform her.

2) An enlightening quote

Feed her mind homie. Leave her in a daze. Motivate her with some metaphorical sh*t. Sometimes I just type a word in Google attached with "quote " and read a list of quotes associated with said word. Nothing is sexier to a woman than a man with an intuitive spirit and depth.

3) Food

What's my secret weapon? Well, I can cook. My food pics have done more than any junk photo could do. Once she sees you can whip up a little something, wait for the "So when are you gonna cook for me?" line--that's your cue playboy. When you get to her house or she comes to yours, the only thing you'll have to ask next is, "How do you like your eggs, fried or fertilized?"

4) A dope playlist

There was a girl that I once talked to that loved music. We would go throughout the day sending new music to each other that we stumbled upon. If she likes music, put her on to a new song. Pass on a good song that she'll love and will always associate you with.

5) A non-braggadocios accomplishment

You passed an exam you studied hard for, you killed your quarterly assessment, or you got a certification that will propel you to more bread- share the good news. Women love to see a man out here getting it and working hard. She'll congratulate you and celebrate with you later, that's what real women do.

6) A compliment

Tell her something you liked about her that she was unaware of. It doesn't even have to be physical, as a matter of fact avoid the physical. Tell her a positive thing that she's brought into your life. Compliment a strong point about her, show her that you appreciate her.

7) A funny meme

Lighten up the mood, keep her laughing. Now with memes it's even easier to crack a joke, it can be goofy or even slightly inappropriate, but in meme form you get a slight pass. There's nothing wrong with being associated with laughter. Make her smile. Brighten her day.

Whatever you do fellas be unpredictable and be respectful. If you want to take risks and be direct, then be calculated and still be respectful.

Happy Dating!

Editor's Note: This article is in response to Dear Men: We Aren't Interested In Your Unsolicited Peen Pics.

Ladies, what do you think of Steve's tips?

Steve Hall is founder of the site theSUNK.com (the Sh*t U Need 2 Know). He is also a contributor at SingleBlackMale and have written guest posts at Clutch Magazine Online, Howard's The Hilltop Newspaper, and NerdattheCoolTable.




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