10 Gifts The Wine Enthusiast In Your Life Will Appreciate
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10 Gifts The Wine Enthusiast In Your Life Will Appreciate

There is nothing like a relaxing bottle of wine. More than likely you ay have a wine obsessed friend that your looking for the perfect holiday gift for. Look no more. The perfect gift is right below and no not one gift listed is a bottle of more wine.

Here's a list of 10 gift items that the wine enthusiast closest to you will love and enjoy. Adding a bottle of wine is optional.

Wine Enthusiast Electric Blue Push-Button Corkscrew, $29.99 (originally $44.99)

Let your wine lover spend less time trying to pry a bottle open and more time enjoying. This electric corkscrew opener is essential.

Alder Creek Cheese Cutting Board, $58

Who doesn’t love cheese with their wine? This cheese cutting board gift set is the perfect addition to any wine lovers cupboard. Wine sold separately.

2-Piece Wine Chilling Carafe, $40

Whether your wine lover is the hostess with the mostest or just appreciates chilled wine, this gift is sure to please. The ice chamber keeps the wine chilled without the annoying wet bottle.

Nostalgia 12 Wine Bottles Wine Cooler, $69.99 (originally $129.99)

Low and behold. There’s no longer a need to decide between storing your food or wine. This 12 bottle wine cooler is the perfect gift for the wine enthusiast that tends to keep a full stock on hand.

SipCaddy Bath & Shower Portable Suction Cup Holder, $13.95

Bath time is elevated with this super cool and convenient suction cup holder. You can sip while you bathe without worrying about spilling any vino in the tub.

Wine-Opoly Monopoly Board Game, $14.92

Board games are timeless, especially when wine is involved. In this monopoly-style game instead of buying properties you’re purchasing imported wines. Keep a glass nearby as you play.

Vinaka Wine Stoppers, $16.95

Any wine lover needs wine stoppers—that’s non-negotiable. If those wine stoppers come with funny wine-related messages even better—talk about a message in a bottle.

Premium Wine Gift Set - Unique Bottle Opener Corkscrew All-in-one, $59.64

Everything that the wine enthusiast in your life may ever need to enjoy a glass of wine is all right in this kit. It comes equipped with a high-quality lever wine corkscrew, wine aerator, foil cutter, wine pourer, wine collar (drip ring), thermometer, replacement screw and two bottle stoppers.

Waerator Instant 1-Button Aeration & Decanter Electric Wine Aerator, $59.99

For the person looking to the best flavor out of their wine (everyone) this aerator not only releases great aromas and flavor from any bottle of wine but it also doubles as a dispenser so you can savor every drop.

Set of Two Flamingle Stemless Wine Glasses, $35

These super cute steamless glasses are perfect to keep it casual while whining down with your favorite glass of vino. It also comes with an irresistible Pinneaple design as well.

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