10 Awesome Gifts For The Tech Obsessed Person In Your Life
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10 Awesome Gifts For The Tech Obsessed Person In Your Life

Technology has come such a long way and there are so many cool gift items that you can give to the people in your life that are totally technology obsessed. Whether it’s some cool phone accessories or the latest must-have gadgets, here is your personal guide to all things technology.

Sidebar: Some of these are really amazing deals and you may want to buy some of these for yourself.

Amazon Echo Dot & Fire Stick TV Bundle, $59.99 (originally $89.99)

Amazon’s Echo Dot & fire TV stick are some of this season's hottest gadgets and you can now get them bundled together for a fraction of the price. You can now get this bundle on Amazon for $59.99 instead of the usual $89.99. We’re not sure how long this will last but it’s one hell of a deal.

Sony XB10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, $39.99 (originally $59.99)

A Bluetooth speaker will make a great gift for your music-loving techie friend. Don’t be fooled by its size--this portable speaker is said to have amazing sound and extra bass.

Nikon D3400, $499.99 (originally $899.99)

This compact DSLR camera is great for the amateur photographer in your life. Even someone with a little bit more experience in the photography arena can appreciate the amazing quality of one of Nikon’s most coveted cameras on the market. BestBuy currently has it available including two lenses, a carrying bag, and a 32G memory card. For $499.99. I dare you to try and beat the price.

Under1Sky Charger Trio Pouch, $35

This trio is any techie's dream. Help the tech in your life stay charged up at all times and keeping up with their charging cables and other tech accessories with this on-the-go lifesaver.

Q Designs Bracelet With iPhone Charger, $149

This cute bangle doubles as an iPhone charger. This makes a great gift for the person always in need of battery power but can’t keep up with a charger to save their life, much like myself.

Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer, $129.99

This small Bluetooth printer can print any photo on your mobile devices anywhere and at any time. Whether you're at home or in transit, printing some of your favorite memories is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Kate Spade SmartPhone Crossbody Bag, $128

This super cute crossbody is great for the small purse lover who wants to be hands-free, whether their running errands or heading out for a night on the town. It’s equipped with three card slots so you can bring all your important things in one place.

Sharper Image Charging Station, $18.99

Turn one outlet in your home to your permanent charging station. This charging station plugs into one single AC outlet and allows you to charge up to three devices at a time in the dock.

Selfie Stick Set with Bluetooth Remote Shutter, $25.00

Have a friend that’s a self-proclaimed selfie queen/king? This 2-in-1 Selfie Stick & tripod is the PERFECT gift. It also comes with a Bluetooth remote to take photos so you no longer have to play personal photographer

Mophie Charging Case, $68.00 (originally $99.99)

Another great gift for the techie in your life that can never seem to keep their phone charged. Mophie may be one of the most coveted cell phone accessories on the market and it’s currently on sale for 30% off.

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