5 Reasons You Should Work Harder To Be On Time
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5 Reasons You Should Work Harder To Be On Time

Workin' Girl

For as long as I can remember I've hated being late.

Whether its brunch plans with friends, a coffee date with a client, or just a regular work meeting - I always make sure I am on time. Punctuality is in my DNA.

Unfortunately, being late seems to be on trend these days. In fact, we all have that one friend or coworker who is never on time and practically brags about it. As the poster child for punctuality, it kills me that society has glorified tardiness. Since when was consistently being late something to be proud of?

I'm here to debunk the idea that always being late is acceptable, and share 5 reasons that you should work harder to be on time. Check them out below!

1. Being on time is a form of good manners

Let's be clear: no one enjoys waiting on you. No matter how profusely you apologize for being late to an engagement, chances are the person you left waiting is a little, if not extremely, irritated. Being on time is a form of good manners because it shows that you respect other people's time. To keep someone waiting on you could infringe on their plans for the rest of the day. It can also be quite selfish. Do you really think the world revolves around you? Show a little respect and keep your word by being on time.

2. Being on time shows that you are disciplined

Showing up on time doesn't require much, but it does require that you plan. This may mean leaving the house 30 minutes early instead of 15, picking out your clothes and packing your lunch the night before, or setting three alarms to make sure you wake up on time. Even putting your keys and wallet back where they belong so you don't waste time searching for them can help you stay on top of your schedule. These are simple tasks that can easily be done. Of course there can be things out of your control that cause a delay, but if you know that you're the problem, it's time to make some changes. If your chronic lateness is due to your personal failure to plan properly, address the issue head on and take the steps to schedule your days a little bit better.

3. You could lose your job and reputation

According to CareerBuilder, more than 2 in 5 employers have let someone go for being late. Not only is being late unprofessional, but it may cost you your reputation as well. Who would want to work with the person who is always late? The phrase "Time is money" doesn't ring any more true than it does at work. Even if you are self-employed, you could potentially lose clients and damage relationships if you are always late, and deadlines are not met. Time is money, so don't waste someone else's.

4. Punctuality keeps you stress-free

When you're late, more than likely you're rushing. And when you are rushing, there is a high chance that you are a little stressed or on edge. Being on time eliminates this unnecessary anxiety and will allow you to breathe a bit easier by smoothly sailing through your day. You also won't have to waste energy thinking of yet another excuse for why you're late!

5. Your productivity will skyrocket

Being on time and in control of your schedule results in a huge productivity boost. Without the stress of being late, your mind has more room to focus and get things done! If you're looking for a way to better manage your day, write out personal deadlines and stick to them. There is no better feeling than working at your highest level of productivity, and being on time is the key. You will thank yourself for it!

Do you like to be on time? What are some habits you practice that keep you punctual?

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