Hair Color Inspiration From Our Favorite IG It Girls

Hair Color Inspiration From Our Favorite IG It Girls

“Beautiful hair comes in all types, not stereotypes.”

Hair is such a significant part of being a black woman. We are often told to tame, to make smaller, and to accommodate to the comfortability of others when it comes to our hair. Yes, it’s that big of a deal. It’s become so programmed in us that sometimes we don’t even realize that tendency is in our actions and decisions. In an effort to not intimidate, we constantly accommodate - and that act unfortunately extends to what we do with our hair. If there is not one thing that I’ve loved more about the natural hair movement, it’s our acceptance and our pride of our true selves and one another and embracing beauty that was not always considered as such.

In the same way that we as people come in all types, so does our hair, and that should be an aspect of ourselves that we all embrace.

ORS Olive Oil is doing the damn thing with their new line of hair care products catering to the parts of all of us that thirst and crave for a change when it comes to our looks. With their new hair color line, Hues, ORS seeks to redefine what beautiful hair looks like by incorporating our sisters that live for a little color in their life. A little hair dye never hurt nobody, and especially not with ORS Olive Oil Hues. The color it creates is long-lasting without any of the damage, thanks to their vitamin-infused formula. So color doesn’t have to mean dry, brittle, or damaged.

Hair color allows us to take our expressiveness to another level and wear our hair not only wildly, but also live and in color. Now that we're in a transitional season, it’s the perfect time to make a change in how you choose to express yourself by entertaining other colors. Hues offers a select range of colors that include Midnight Black, Cocoa Brown, Raging Red, Honey Blonde, and Light Blonde. Whatever the color, we are more than here for it!

Scroll down below for some of our favorite winter hair color inspiration from our favorite IG It Girls:

Midnight Black

Ambrosia Malbrough is one of my favorite YouTubers, but also makes a splash in the IG world as an influencer and natural hair goals aesthetic for many. She takes a minimal approach to life and her hair, relying heavily on protective styling, which is why her jet black 'do always looks full of life and luster. Check her out at @brosiaaa.

Cocoa Brown

Sunita V. is the ultimate "big hair, don't care" hair goals and has been slaying since the beginning. I absolutely love the cocoa/bronze tint that her strands have and feel like it adds another dimension to her curls. You can catch her serving #hairgoals on IG at @sunitav_

Raging Red

As Smartistabeauty, YouTuber Bri Hall teaches her viewers not only about the latest hair and beauty tips and tricks, but also shares and uses her influence to promote self-love and interior beauty just as much as the exterior, if not more. She's gone from her natural dark brown to bleached blonde to cotton candy pink, and as of late, has been rocking red/burgundy strands - all with an undercut by the way. She is daring with her hair color choices and keeps her looks bold, yet playful. Find her at @smartistabeauty.

SZA is a singer/songwriter and known as the first lady of TDE. The R&B songtress was daring in her hair choices earlier this year when she dyed her signature midnight black tresses to a bright red-orange color before dialing it down to a honey blonde and then a cocoa-tinted black. And while we await the arrival of her next full-length studio album A, we can use her hue as inspiration at @justsza.


The Find Guru is a 22-year-old fashion, fitness, and beauty guru who is also the owner and curator of an online boutique also named The Find Guru. Her signature head of blonde curls is a combination of honey blonde, light blonde, and bleached blonde, and it all comes together making her texture and curls really pop. Find her at @goldennn_xo.


Share your selfies and what being without stereotypes mean for you with ORS Olive Oil with the hashtag #NoStereotypes and follow them at @orshaircare!

What's your favorite hair color among the ladies? What hue do you want to try out this season? Let us know in the comments below!

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