This Is Why Teyana Taylor Deleted Her Instagram Before Releasing Her Album
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This Is Why Teyana Taylor Deleted Her Instagram Before Releasing Her Album

If you haven't heard it today, I'll be the first person to say it: the female species is f*cking phenomenal. As women of color, we are tasked with wearing so many masks that we sometimes forget who we genuinely are. Our roles are multifaceted and are not to be taken lightly. We create humans, pursue ambitious careers, support the ones we love, and still find time and energy at the end of the day to be exemplary lovers.

Now that we've finally garnered the opportunity to utilize our power, we put the world on notice that the future is female, and so is the present. One of the women that are helping to create that culture is Teyana Taylor, the badass mommy mogul who is out to revolutionize R&B (while also raising a toddler, running a business, and being a wife to a basketball superstar).

Upon releasing her new album, the 27-year-old entertainer opened up to Coveteur about how she balances her multifaceted personal and professional lives. Teyana has consistently pursued a career as a performing artist but has her hand in a number of different industries. Her Harlem-based salon, Junie Bee Nails, is one of the many businesses of which Teyana has a lead role, including her fitness program Fade2Fit.

It leads me to wonder if women like Beyonce and Teyana have the same 24 hours in a day as the rest of us, but Teyana confirmed it. They do. And Teyana says that the key to mastering your 24 hours is surrounding yourself with nothing but positive energy. No matter how many different hustles she pursues, she makes sure that positivity is consistent because that way, even if you hit a bump in the road, you can recognize that the obstacle wasn't the most important part of the journey. She said:

"If you've got positive energy, you can always feel good. My plane was late [today], but I got here, I got my makeup on, and I feel good because of positive energy. Positive thinking, too. I miss my kid, and I know I get to see her tonight, so that's got me super excited and feeling good."

Part of discerning vibes is limiting your accessibility to the world. Teyana said that to create a life worth falling in love with, she had to first eliminate her social media presence. Her upcoming album release required her full focus and concentration, leading her to temporarily delete her Instagram. Since then, she's returned to the 'Gram to slay us with promo for her new album, but said that she needed to temporarily rid herself of all distractions to ensure the album's perfection.

"I deleted my Instagram because [my label was] pretty much telling me to fall back on posting snippets [of my album]. I was like, Look, the only way that's going to happen is if I delete my account. I understand that it's only seven songs, so if I keep posting then the album will be out before it's out. Most importantly though, I wanted to really lock in. Instagram can be a distraction. After seeing all the positive feedback and all the love [the album] was getting, it kind of made me more nervous, because now this shit really gotta be lit. It is lit, but there are people who put you on a pedestal, and I have to live up to that. It was really time to get focused—I really want to take this time to make sure this album is perfect. I owe it to them, you know what I'm saying? It was more about taking that break, focusing on what's important, and coming back when it's time for this album to drop. We're two weeks away—it's time to lock in."

The comment section can be addictive, and Teyana said she no longer wanted to give in to the craving. When people give their opinion on you, it is usually a reflection of how they feel about themselves in that moment. Our social media accounts give us the opportunity to be publishers and philosophers in our own right, and Teyana knew that it was time to focus on developing her own perception of herself. She told Coveteur:

"It's just like, Calm your ass down, Teyana. Damn. I still have to be a mom, I still have to be a wife. I can't be caught up in reading comments."

As a wife, mother, business owner, and worldwide entertainment superstar, Teyana Taylor is proof that women are actually superhuman, and that with some positive vibes and a little bit of flavor, we have all of the power in the world. That is, as long as we can stay out of the comment section.

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