Tabitha Brown Gives Her View On What It Means To Have It All
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Tabitha Brown Gives Her View On What It Means To Have It All

Social media star, host, and entrepreneur Tabitha Brown is opening up about her interpretation of freedom and its significance in her journey to success.

The 44-year-old's brush with fame began over a decade ago after landing minor roles in films and television shows. In 2020, Brown solidified her celebrity status after various vegan food and inspirational videos went viral on TikTok.

The mother of two's online popularity led to numerous job opportunities, such as partnerships with Target and McCormick, a haircare brand Donna's Recipe, and a children's series Tab Time, to name a few. In a June interview on Amanda Seeles' Small Doses podcast, Brown shared details about her life before fame and what it means to have it all.

Tabitha On Freedom And Having It All 

During the discussion, Brown revealed that since achieving success over the years by being authentic and remaining true to herself regardless of how that looked to others, she realized that the definition of having it all meant being free.

"For me having it all is being free," she said. "Like freedom, being completely who I am. No code-switching, no conforming, no shrinking myself to make anybody else feel big or comfortable. Being completely free. Not covering my accent anymore...Trying to constantly be a size two or four, wear my hair one way."

Further into the interview, Brown disclosed that despite mastering the freedom to be herself, it didn't come naturally in the past due to societal pressures and the influence others had on her life, including her late mother, Patricia.

"So, growing up in the south, I learned very early how to code switch right. I learned by watching my mama talk to people at the bank or white people, or bill collectors calling; her voice would change."

Tabitha On Her Early Beginnings And Her Breaking Point 

Brown explained that hiding who she was or creating a different version of herself to obtain jobs ultimately took a toll, so much so that she almost lost herself in the process.

"I gave so much of myself away for so long that it's almost like I lost myself... And I know I have me again. I feel like I had a lost season that was a very long time," she stated.

"That's because the root of me has always been who I am. That's the person that my closest friends know, my family they know the true Tab...But when I moved to L.A., pursuing acting in 2004, my thought was I got to create this person to win."

Near the end of the segment, Brown shared that her breaking point occurred while working in corporate America. She explained that she fell ill after trying to show her worth to the company.

"It was a game of survival. I'm trying [to] help my husband [Chance Brown] and be a good partner and make money. ‘Cause I'm also trying to pursue this acting thing that's not really paying nothing yet. So I need this job, so I want to prove to them I am worthy. That used to be the thought which is also no freedom," she said.

Brown added that after coming to terms with what was happening and going on a journey to find herself again, she acknowledged that one of the leading causes of her autoimmune sickness was "not being free."

"When I found myself again, I realized there was so many things that were making me sick, and not being free was one of them," she stated. "When you're not free, you allow people to treat you any kind of way. You start to settle for things that you don't deserve. That's what I did for a very long time. But honey, not no more."

Brown's recent admission about her journey to freedom could motivate others to take that step in their lives.

Tabitha Brown On How She Had To Choose Herself To Have It All | Small Doses Podcast @iamtabithabrown

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