5 Products Beauty Guru ItsMyRayeRaye Swears By

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Finding products that are perfect for you and your skin can be a hassle. And with the seasons changing, you need to be knowledgeable about products that are affordable and suitable for your needs. That's why we chatted with the beauty guru, ItsMyRayeRaye, aka Raye Boyce, who keeps it 100, 24/7.

This beauty has over 1 million followers on Instagram and YouTube. She has gracefully managed to finesse the YouTube business model in her favor making for some bomb collaborations.

One of the things we love about RayeRaye is her desire to connect with her viewers. Boyce once said, "...when your viewers and followers see that you actually love what you're doing, they're also going to love what you're doing."

We asked her about her favorite products that make her life easier. Check them out!

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"A mask product I can't live without is the Aztec Secret Healing Clay mixed with apple cider vinegar. It will detox your skin, reduce sebum production, and help with acne."

Shop the product here.

TATCHA The Silk Cream, $109

"A moisturizing product I swear by is the TATCHA The Silk Cream. It literally leaves your skin feeling like a newborn baby's skin."

Shop the product here.

"My favorite lip color is from my lip collaboration with BH Cosmetics 'Rosey Raye.' It comes in three finishes. Matte, glossy and creamy. It's a beautiful rosy lip color with peachy pink undertones."

Shop the product here.

CoverGirl TruBlend Foundation, $10

"My go-to foundation at the moment is CoverGirl TruBLEND because it's full coverage, long-lasting, and affordable. I'm all about affordable makeup!"

Shop the product here.

A post shared by Raye Boyce (@itsmyrayeraye) on

"DUO lash glue is an eye product that I love. It literally lasts all day and my eyelash is never hanging off."

Shop the product here.

For more looks and beauty inspo, follow Raye on Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube channel.

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