Oprah Lets Us Know She Is Not Lucky, She's Blessed In 'Elle India' Feature
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Oprah Lets Us Know She Is Not Lucky, She's Blessed In 'Elle India' Feature

Elle India was so sure that readers would be able to recognize our queen Oprah in one instant that they decided to choose one of their two magazine covers with mogul facing her back to the camera.

She is on the cover of this month's 22nd-anniversary issue to the surprise of many of us, decked out in beautiful Indian garments that she wears like a second skin.

With the million reasons why to look up to Oprah, the top on my list is how she owns the camera and knows it, so much that she covers her personal magazine every month (I strive to meet the level of self-deserved extraness!).

With all that she's accomplished in a short time here on Earth, it's easy to understand that she's a straight-up boss. However, for those of us trying to get our "Oprah" on during this lifetime, we wonder where this star got the guts to live her truth and walk within her authenticity straight to the top.

Oprah reveals that this realness comes from an understanding of her journey in the not-so-pretty places of the world and life. Here are three takeaways that could help any of us elevate to a higher sense of self and to manifest the life we desire walking into the new year.

Sit Down, Be Humble.

Oprah has every reason to brag, coming from where she came from and going through what she went through. However, the major key is being able to navigate through her charmed life with a lens of gratitude. Oprah reminds us that each piece of your puzzle plays a big part in a beautiful masterpiece. She told Elle:

"If you look at where I was born, where I was raised in rural Mississippi at a time when it was an apartheid state – the chances of me being who I am, where I am…nobody would have believed it was possible. So yes, the lesson is amazing grace does exist."

Growth Is Uncomfortable.

For those of us finding ourselves in defining moments in our lives, whether it be pertaining to our career, love lives, or self-development, Oprah suggests that we lean into the feeling of fear instead of running away from it. We have a tendency to run at the sit of any negative feeling and emotion that arises in us, however, they are vital to observe and work through. She explains:

"Fear is there for a reason, and I don't believe that if you're afraid it means you should do it. Fear means think about it. It means caution, it means to pay attention to what you're feeling until you have the clarity to move forward."

Be Present And Express Yourself.

For some of us feeling stuck in between "I'm doing great" and "I need to go harder," Oprah says to embrace where you are at this moment, but to also find your voice in order to share yourself to the world in the best way you know how. We forget that as Black women we share similarities, but we all have our own uniqueness to share with the world through our passions:

"I feel like we are exactly where we are supposed to be in this moment in time, and all of us who can raise our voices should use them in such a way that we can make part of progress; you will do that in your lifetime, and then the next generation will do that in their lifetime."

The Future Is Female.

The 64-year-old decided to drop some gems on us youngins as per usual, and as for the future, she wants us to continue to boss up, and worry about the boys later! So when you wonder if you are too strong, too ambitious, or too strong-willed remember you are here to take over the world. Who is Oprah without Stedman? Oprah! She shares with Elle:

"The new generation of boys should be raised to believe that girls are their equals, and sometimes, their superiors."

Wherever you are on your journey trust you are on the right course. You are exactly where you ought to be at this moment in time. Strive to be a bigger and better version of yourself and you'll never know. Perhaps people will not need your name, or your face to recognize you on a magazine cover. They'll know you by your voice and your passion.

Make sure to check out Elle India's site and Instagram for more beautiful pictures and the full interview soon! In true Oprah fashion: "You get your life, You get your life, and You get your life!"

Featured image by Bennett Raglin/WireImage

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