Girls Love Beyoncé: 5 Reasons Bey Is Better Than The Hype

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Here at xoNecole, we stan for Beyonce in all of her glory. But beyond the fact that Beyonce sings like a songbird and dances like nobody's business, she uses her platform in several ways that make us love her even more. Here are 5 reasons Bey is Better Than the Hype.


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There is no denying that Beyonce uses her influence to push the envelope and draw attention to issues facing Black America. We saw it during the wake of Trayvon Martin, through her latest Super Bowl performance, and through her invitation to the mothers of Eric Garner, Mike Brown, and Oscar Grant to the 2016 VMAs.

Everything from her lyrics to her ongoing relationship with the Obamas screams pro-black. As the first black female headliner at Coachella, Bey held nothing back with a politically charged performance inclusive of a tribute to black history and HBCUs. Shameless in her methods, Beyonce showcases her blackness in a way that propels social movements and reminds us to embrace our heritage.

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