6 Tips For Wives And Girlfriends Who Aren’t Fans Of Football
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6 Tips For Wives And Girlfriends Who Aren’t Fans Of Football

It's that time of year again when the "Baby what are we doing tonight?" questions are replaced with "Baby the boys are coming over, do you mind cooking a little somethin'?"

Yes, the infamous football season has swept in with the bitter-cold weather.

While you may have thought that cuddling was going to be made a priority this year (because you complained so much last year about how you and him weren't getting enough "we" time), you may be finding that once again the game has taken over your household.

I don't know about you, but my husband is beyond excited for this new football season–both college and professional. “Merry Football" was his greeting to his buddies and friends all throughout the day the weekend when college football officially started. I have quite a few female friends who enjoy football just as much as the guys, but if you're like me, it's not one of your favorite sports.

While I'm excited that my husband is so elated, I don't have the same zeal. I will admit, however, that I enjoy going to the games and watching them live. But other than that, I could do without it.

So, what is a girl to do now that football is back? Just do what I do: embrace it and enjoy some "me" time! Here are a few ideas to help get you through the season (acknowledging that it may not be as easy for those of you who have children, but it's still worth a shot).

Catch up on your favorite shows and movies

They say two is better than one, and the same is true with a television. We have a television in the bedroom and the living room and when the games come on, that's usually my cue to go and watch whatever I want in the other room – whether via Netflix, cable or even online. While he's catching up on football, stats and ESPN, I'm catching up on my shows, even though I have to admit that sometimes he sneaks away from football and comes in the room with me, too. What can I say? We love one another.

Shop 'Til You Drop

Am I the only who enjoys shopping at Target? Sometimes I'll go even if it's just to look around at stuff. I find it very relaxing, but it doesn't have to stop at Target. Whether it's Target, the mall, TJ Maxx or other local department stores, consider an extra three to four hours of spare time on your hands to do a little retail therapy. If it's not shopping, catch up on other errands or your "To-Do List." Your man will be so into the game that he won't even notice you're gone.

Get Back to Doing the Things You Enjoy

While your man is captivated by football and all the excitement of watching his favorite teams go head to head on the field, you can use that time to become enthralled with your favorite book or a hobby that you've been meaning to catch up on. Because you can expect limited interruption, it can be a great time to catch up on anything that you've pushed to the side because you just "didn't have enough time." Pick back up that old business project that you were working on or a best-selling book that you've been meaning to write. Whatever you put on the back burner when your time was limited, now's the time to bring it to the forefront. And this time, no excuses!

Avoid heavy or deep conversations

“Can we talk?" These three words (or any variation of the phrase) should be avoided as much as possible during game time. I know some of us as women love to talk and have deep conversations but choose your time wisely. Just like I don't like to be interrupted with heavy “talks" during my favorite shows, most men (and women) are the same way when it comes to their football – or any sports for that matter. Trust me, your husband or boyfriend will appreciate your thoughtfulness even that much more.

Sleep On It

Sometimes, I actually will sit and watch the game with my husband just to spend quality time together. However, one of the reasons why football isn't as exciting to me is partially because of how long the games are...especially Monday-night football. So for me, it's the perfect time to nap and catch up on some sleep. Usually when I wake up the same game is still on anyway.

Throw a football party (or go to one)

One thing I've learned about love and relationships is that it's all about compromise. While a football watch party can be a labor love, it's also a great compromise for everyone because it includes football, fellowship and fun! Does that mean every game should be a football party? Of course not, and you don't always have to be the host. No matter where the party, your man will appreciate the effort and everyone will enjoy a fun and festive time!

The most important thing, whether you've decided to enjoy some "me" time or made it your wifely (or girlfriend) duty and compromised for some "we" time, is to do whatever makes you happy! Trust me, your man will appreciate it more if you're not sitting their moping around or complaining about the lack of attention you're getting during his favorite TV time of year. Stick to my tips, and you'll get through football season just fine!

What are some things that you do to make it through football season?

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