12 Cocktails You Have To Try Before The Summer Ends

12 Cocktails You Have To Try Before The Summer Ends

Temperature is the dominant factor when craving a thirst-quenching drink. The heat hits us hard with a lot of sweat-drenching and brow-wiping moments. But have no fear, you can still get your alcohol on without fear of sweating off your face beat, thanks to a few cooling summer-inspired concoctions. Below are a few summer drinks perfect for an instant cool down.

Peach and Bourbon Arnold Palmer

This classic refreshment gets a little twist with the addition of peach liqueur and bourbon. Find this recipe here.

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Smile, Sis! These Five Improvements Can Upgrade Your Oral Hygiene Instantly

This article is in partnership with Sensodyne.

Our teeth are connected to so many things - our nutrition, our confidence, and our overall mood. We often take for granted how important healthy teeth are, until issues like tooth sensitivity or gum recession come to remind us. Like most things related to our bodies, prevention is the best medicine. Here are five things you can do immediately to improve your oral hygiene, prevent tooth sensitivity, and avoid dental issues down the road.

'Fall-Themed Sex 2.0.' Here Are 15 New Ways To Make This Your Favorite Time Of The Year.

Hands down and without hesitation, my favorite time of the year is the fall season. I like the cooler temperatures. I like the turn of the leaves. Some of my favorite men (my late father and late fiancé) were Libras. Layering clothes is dope. I start to (slightly) swap out iced chai lattes (with oat milk) for hot chocolate and apple cider. The foods that are in season then are some of my faves (eggplant parmesan, anyone?). Watching sports outside is fun — need I go on? And so, even though I like to write about sex — especially ways to have even better sex — any time of the year, it’s right around now when I start to get inspired to pitch topics like this one.